18. Skoda Fabia: Factory tour

19 Dec, 2012 10:10am

The ad

A posh, condescending Englishman is being given a tour around a car factory. The guest is amazed by the scale of the operation, the hi-tech facilities and the stringent testing process that each car is put through. But the thing that most impresses him is the finished Fabia he is shown at the end of the tour. “I say! Wonderful! Well done,” he says, clapping. “And I hear you also make those funny little Skoda cars here as well,” he adds, to the confusion of his hosts.

The expert view

“This advert helped to redefine Skoda. A company that was derided has to be so brave to let people poke fun at it, but ultimately the commercial is poking fun at people who don’t understand the brand.”