Best people carriers and MPVs 2016

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6 Jul, 2016 12:30pm

Here are the 10 best MPVs and people carriers to buy this year - all with loads of interior space

There comes a point for a lot of families where a traditional hatchback or saloon just won't cut it in terms of space. It's at that point that a people carrier or MPV becomes a sound choice - they provide the ultimate carrying capacity for people and luggage. The best of these cars come wrapped up in packages that are good looking, economical and great to drive.

People carriers and MPVs often feature clever folding and sliding seats to make the most of their interior space, as well as lots of storage cubbies and family-friendly touches. A normal family car will be enough for most, but for a large family or someone looking to transport lots of people, it's hard to beat an MPV.

In seven-seater MPVs, often the two rearmost seats are only really suitable for small children, or possibly adults on short journeys. Luckily they can often be removed or fold away neatly and the space can be used for luggage - and the best ones fold completely flat so sliding in bulky items is easy. 

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The middle row of seats in many MPVs can be made up of individual seats, which come in handy for parents who need to fit three child seats.

Unless you’re going for one of the smaller MPVs on the market, diesel is usually the better option. Large people carriers are often heavy, so petrol versions will be thirsty. Diesels not only offer better fuel consumption, they also provide the extra torque required to power the car when it’s fully loaded and enhance its towing capacity.

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Driving fun is likely to be low down on the list of priorities for buyers in this market, although the class leaders belie their tall dimensions by delivering excellent handling, accurate steering and strong performance. The best MPVs will offer a car-like driving experience as well as massive carrying capacity.

Best people carriers and MPVs 2016

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