Best hot hatchbacks

Best hot hatchbacks 2013 top 10
1 Nov, 2013 12:00pm

We run through the ten best hot hatchbacks you can buy

If you’re looking for a performance car that’s cheap to buy, practical but above all fun to drive, then a hot hatchback could be exactly what you’re looking for. The hot hatch revolution started in the 1970s with the original Volkswagen Golf GTI MkI, which many consider to be the first true hot hatch, and it’s still going strong. In fact, it’s arguably a golden age for these great little cars.

Plenty of manufacturers have tried to make their own hot hatch, with cars from BMW, Suzuki, SEAT and even Kia finding their way into our list of the top ten best hot hatchbacks. There’s a wide range of choice for a potential buyer, from the upmarket BMW M135i, to the cheap-but-fun Suzuki Swift Sport.

The real appeal of a hot hatchback comes from the fact that it’s an all-rounder. Hot hatches offer great performance – arguably as much as you’d ever want on a public road – blended with the practical bodystyle and lower running costs associated with a typical family hatchback.

Plus, because hot hatchbacks are usually the top-spec models in the car’s range, you get plenty of standard equipment and comfortable sports seats as well. Comfort is a big factor in choosing the right hot hatch for you – do you go for something with stiff suspension or a smoother set-up? The first will offer the most driving thrills, but it might not be the best for everyday driving.

The most appealing thing about a hot hatchback is the fact that it can be driven on a regular basis. A sports car is fun in the summer, but a Volkswagen Golf GTI owner is definitely going to be happier on a wet winter morning on the way to work.

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No Astra VXR? What?

This car mag hates Vauxhall so much that it's starting to become ridiculous :D

The Focus is the most dynamic and attractive of all.

On the whole I pretty much agree with this Autoexpress line-up of the best hot hatches.
After all hot hatch is all about affordable fun but albeit Seat Leon is a good car yet its appearance with the diesel engine at #2 seems a bit sassy.
Suzuki is at best a warm hatch and the omissions of the A45 AMG and Astra VXR may upset a few.

Abarth 500 595? Not the obvious choice, but a real pocket rocket.

Skoda Fabia vRS
Bargain bucket performance!

Swift Sport? come on... Octavia not even a hatchback... Clio RS? RS3? A1 AMG? CZT? Polo GTi? Astra VXR? is it a joke?

propaganda for ever....

The Focus is the best here... by miles!!

It is a hatchback...

How is the Astra VXR not on this list?! Its a stonking car that wipes the floor with 90% of the cars on that list.

Also Leon FR diesel...? Sorry but hatches cannot be hot with a dirty diesel under the bonnet.

I thought the Talbot Sunbeam was the first hot hatch?

Vauxhall isn't a class leader... Its even been proven that its slower to 60 than the Focus.

Is it necessary to be faster to 60 than the Focus to get on the list?

Don't like the Focus myself, it's too chav.

Focu´s far!

I'm sorry to correct you, but the Suzuki Swift Sport is a great little car.

Yes, the focus is better if you wear a Burberry cap, thick gold chaps and live in Essex. You may find that the rest of us disagree.

Regardless of how you want to percieve the image behind the Focus, it is a brilliant hot hatch. Arguably the best in class. It could be argued the Golf would be better if you wear a trilby and smoke a pipe though!

First hot hatch probably the Alfasud. Renault 5 and Golf came after. I think Suzuki is a "warm hatch" (even check wikipedia and they agree!).

These are not the best 10 available today, but all offer something good in their niche.

Top 10 trend setters would be good.... e.g. Skoda Fabia VRs.... first diesel only hot hatch??

A45AMG should be here too. Mainly as the most powerful hot hatch ever??

"Swift Sport remains the best ‘warm’ hatchback on sale." - Autoexpress...... say no more

From that list, probably Cooper S - a car you can actually use 100% of it's power easily without breaking the law. Torquey turbo and flat cornering great. But torque steer could make it a potential handful on twisty roads.

This crowd have been driving Audi A3s and the BMW 1 Series for years.

Is there a hot hatch that isn't chav?

Simca 1100ti from 1973/4? No slouch for a small-mid size car from 40 years ago and worthy of the hot hatch label by the standards of the time.

It's funny how some people ruin cars for others. I like the 1 Series, but couldn't drive one because of the idiots who give it a bad image, same with the A3.

The association with Gordon Brown has ruined Volvo for me.

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