Dacia Duster video

8 Aug, 2012 6:38pm

Can the UK’s cheapest 4x4 cut it off-road? We take it greenlaning to find out...

When the Dacia Duster goes on sale in the UK this December, it will be the cheapest 4x4 on the market.

And while the all-wheel drive version may cost two grand more than the £8,995 entry-level Duster, for those wanting to go off-road on a budget, it still undercuts Britain’s current cheapest 4x4, the Suzuki Jimny.

But can the Dacia match the Suzuki for off-road thrills? To find out we took it greenlaning on Salisbury Plain. Watch the video to find out what happened…

Pick up a copy of the latest issue of Auto Express magazine - out 8 August 2012 - to read the full feature.

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Great :D. I'm the happy (Dutch) owner of a 4x4 Duster 1.6 16v (Aniversare / Laureate) and without any doubt I can say the off road behaviour of this petrol version is also great. Very happy with it :))

It is like the 80's is back.

We know it's a good car, but that test really was a bit pathetic.
And as for the barley, all I saw was food destruction by grown up kids. The world is in a food crisis, so even if it was grown illegally, we need it!

Looks like a very capable car for the money. I am impressed. The video was a little laboured though - and it would have been nice to be enlightened on the technical specification of this and the other models in the range.

It is a Day See A NOT a DAT Chi A
Please get it right. These have been on sale here in France for three years now and the pronunciation is as I explained.
They are fantastic cars incidentally and brilliant value for money. Why buy a Land Rover which is not as reliable and costs more

Wrong. Dacia is the name of the Romanian brand that Renault took over, and which dates back to 1966. It's pronounced DAT Chi A.