Lexus RX450h range gets new trim level

4 Feb, 2014 12:09pm James Mortimore

Lexus RX450h range is now available in new Advance trim level

Lexus has added a new Advance trim level to its RX450h range. Priced from £48,495 – the same price as the Luxury model – Advance features extra equipment and unique front-end styling.

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Advance sits just above Luxury in the range, and gets a sunroof, LED headlights and unique 19-inch alloys on top of the standard kit already on Luxury models. That includes sat-nav and front and rear parking sensors.

Standard RX450h options also apply to this ‘Advance’ model, including F-SPORT Black Smooth leather upholstery with 8-way electrically adjustable heated front seats, F-SPORT Darkened 19-nch, 10-spoke alloy wheels and F-SPORT specific suspension tuning.

Performance figures remain the same as the standard RX450h, meaning a 249bhp, 317Nm petrol-electric hybrid drivetrain that whisks the car from 0-62mph in 7.8 seconds, and goes on to a top speed of 124mph. Combined fuel consumption and emissions remain identical to the standard car at 44.8mpg and 145g/km of CO2.

Prices for the new RX450h Advance begin at £48,495, and it’ll be an intriguing choice for company car buyers. Its CO2 emissions are extremely low for an SUV so it qualifies for a low BIK tax band – after three years Lexus says you could save more than £3,000 compared with a BMW X5 3.0d SE auto.