Mercedes C-Class gets DAB radio

Mercedes C-Class 2014 front tracking
Credits: Otis Clay
6 Jun, 2014 9:20am Jordan Bishop

Mercedes to fit DAB digital radio to the new C-Class as standard, as it moves to add the system to its entire UK model range

The new 2014 Mercedes C-Class will be fitted with DAB digital radio as standard when it arrives later in June 2014. 

It’s part of the Mercedes plan to go fully digital across the UK, with the tech set to feature free of charge in all future models, having already made its way into roughly half of the current line-up.

This announcement follows a similar decision from Volkswagen, which yesterday confirmed the entire up! line-up will now be sold with DAB for no added cost

Mercedes joins Volkswagen and other major manufacturers – including BMW, Audi and Ford – in committing to fit digital radio systems as part of the standard specification of all its models. 

Such a decision reflects the rising popularity of DAB radio. According to official statistics from CAP Automotive and The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), there has been a 50 percent increase over the past four years in the number of new car registrations featuring digital radio as standard.

Estimates by Digital Radio UK suggest that approximately 3 million vehicles are now able to receive broadcasts via this technology, a figure equating to 9 per cent of all road-going cars.

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Is this really newsworthy?

In other news, Ferrari confirms it will fit grey covered cigarette lighters to it's range of cars.

Standard spec on a German car? This surely can't be happening.

The fact that a German car is getting it as standard is surprising. Normally this would be an opportunity for them to charge for a £500 option.

DAB is an absolute disaster.
The quality is extremely low, and the reception can often be poor (stations drop on & off). You can only pick up what's coming from your local transmitter, which means your favourite station could be unavailable, or may suddenly disappear as you're traveling (way before you'd expect to lose range on an FM station). However, joy of joys, you can scroll endlessly through 1,000 odd, minority targeted stations (5,000 if you're on the peak of a hill), and endless BBC channels.
I have found that many of my favorite stations available on FM, are simply not being streamed via my local DAB transmitter.

(cue james may's sarcastic voice) "wow".

In all fairness to the merc, it doesnt matter what it gets as standard, nothing will distract from that Hideous rear end.
Heck, even the current gens rear is an improvement (but not much).

DAB has been standard on C, Class Mercs & upward in Australia since 2011. The clarity is superb , particularly with imbedded stations such as AHA , STITCHER, SEEK, TUNEIN, PANDORA etc & a host of other stations available here. I'm surprised that features that are standard on Mercs here are either optional or not available on Euro spec cars. The cost of DAB doesn't or shouldn't add considerable cost to the vehicle.