Porsche Macan: the ultimate video review

27 Feb, 2014 6:26pm

We drive the full Porsche Macan range on all terrains then match it up against its arch rival, Range Rover's Evoque

The Porsche Macan knows what it has to beat. The Range Rover Evoque has the right badge, striking concept car looks and is genuinely sporty to drive, so it’s no surprise that Land Rover has been building them flat-out since the launch in 2011. But the Evoque’s position was always going to come under threat – and the moment of truth has arrived.

Yes, the Porsche Macan is based on an Audi Q5, but Porsche’s engineers have sprinkled their magic on the chassis and say it’s the first compact SUV that’s also a sports car. So how does it cope on road, track and mud - and how does it compare to the class-leading Evoque?

Porsche Macan vs Range Rover Evoque main

The Porsche Macan is now the driver’s choice in this class, yet its prowess on the road doesn’t come at the expense of comfort, luxury or refinement.

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If style is your priority, the Range Rover Evoque still leads the way, but the Porsche has a truly broad range of talents. It’s easy to see why the brand expects this car to be a future best seller. As with the Cayenne and the Panamera, Porsche has taken a car that shouldn’t work as a sports car and turned it into something genuinely fun and hugely capable.

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Perhaps the Porsche is the better car.......but it's UNGLY. Especially compard to the beautiful new Evoque

The Macan is the best compact SUV. And top of that it's prettiest.

Really great video review!

You can't call this the ultimate video review when it dismisses all of the bits that might persuade you to go with an SUV and goes straight into performance. If you wanted pure performance you'd buy a Cayman!! Load space IS important. We bought an Evoque (total rubbish by the way so if you're thinking of buying one, take it from me, don't) and want to replace it with something that doesn't drink fuel like an alcoholic at a free bar and that can take a couple of dogs in the back. I watched this "ultimate review" and still don't have any real idea of space in the rear. I do know that it's very quick around corners though (yawn). Come on guys think. Just because it has Porsche on the front it doesn't mean it's all about performance. I know, I had a Cayenne and what I loved about it most was the PCA system, the voice control, the economy, the luxury and the interior space. The fact that it could go fast was waaaay down the list.....