Porsche Macan: UK’s first new 4-cylinder Porsche for 22 years

23 Apr, 2014 4:50pm Luke Madden

Porsche quietly unveils a four-cylinder version Macan at Beijing show, initially for Asia, with UK models available by special order only

Porsche has added a fourth model to its Macan range, fitted with the same 2.0 TSI four-cylinder turbocharged engine as the VW Golf GTI. Revealed without much fanfare at the Beijing Motor Show last week, it’s the first four-cylinder Porsche since the 968 went on sale 22 years ago.
Tuned to produce 234bhp and 350Nm of torque, the entry-level Macan covers 0-62mph in 6.9 seconds and hits a top speed of 138mph. Four-wheel drive and a twin-clutch PDK automatic gearbox are fitted as standard, while fuel economy is claimed to 36.7mpg – a 4.2mpg improvement on the 355bhp Macan S.
 At the rear, one of the giveaways is the lack of an S or Turbo badge, as with all other Macan models. Then there are the exhausts – the Turbo has quad squared-off pipes while the S models get rounded units. Meanwhile, this four-cylinder Macan gets a single outlet on each side.

As well as the four-cylinder petrol Macan, Porsche is also thought to be working on a four-cylinder diesel model. Considering the Chinese market is around 98 per cent petrol, it makes sense for Porsche to introduce the diesel-powered model at a European motor show, where diesels have a much higher market share.

Available by special order only from Porsche as of now, the Macan will start from around £40,000, which is about £3,000 less than the S and Diesel S models.



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Would England's Royalty, Victoria and David Beckham, or any self-respecting hairdresser, ever be seen dead in a Porsche?! I rest my case.

It's interesting how much criticism Maserati drew from British motoring magazines for using some of Chrysler switchgear in its cabin but Porsche uses Golf's engine and it's just fine.

I thought the whole car was just re-skin of Tiguan or Roomster or some other VW clone, just different A surfaces and interior.

its a reskinned q5