Electric Renault Zoe now available to order

30 Oct, 2012 4:46pm Tom Phillips

Renault has announced prices and specs for its all-electric Zoe

The electric Renault Zoe supermini is now available to order for a £49 deposit. The Zoe will arrive in showrooms in spring 2013, with prices starting from £13,650 including the £5,000 Government Plug-in Car Grant. However, battery hire will cost an extra £70 every month.

The Zoe is a Clio-sized electric supermini. However, the Zoe isn’t based on the Clio, and has been designed from the ground up as an electric car.

It has a claimed range of 130 miles, but Renault says that, in real conditions, the Zoe will manage around 60 miles in cold weather and 90 miles in warmer conditions.

Zoes also benefit from Renault’s Chameleon charger, which is compatible with power sources ranging from a household plug right up to a 43kW supply. This means a charge can take between 30 minutes and nine hours.

When driving around town, the Zoe has a special voice alarm which warns pedestrians that it's approaching. There are three choices of voice, and they can be heard between one and 18mph. The Zoe also can be programmed to heat or cool the cabin to your desired temperature before you unplug it from the charger.

Three trim levels will be available: Expression, Dynamique Zen and Dynamique Intens. All cars get Renault’s ‘Range OptimiZEr’ technology, which includes a new generation of regenerative braking, a heat pump and special Michelin tyres. Renault’s R-Link voice-controlled TomTom satellite navigation with 7-inch touchscreen is also standard across the range.

After the Government Plug-in Car Grant is deducted, and delivery and first registration costs are added, the Zoe Expression costs from £13,650.

The Zoe Dynamique Intens has a rear parking camera and a dark interior trim pack, while the Zoe Dynamique Zen gets a light interior trim pack and an active scent diffuser, ioniser and toxicity sensor. Both Dynamique models cost from £14,750.

Prices don’t include monthly battery hire charges, which are as follows:

Contract term up to 7,500 miles 9,000 miles 10,500 miles 12,000 miles
36 months and more £70 £77 £85 £93
24 months £80 £87 £95 £103
12 months £80 £87 £95 £103

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Yay cheaper ca... Oh wait I spend £20 on petrol a month with my smart car but they want 70 a month for the battery? So it works out more than a petrol car! Great well done Renault !!

Well Big Momma, ZOE is roughly the same price as its main competitor (the Nissan LEAF) after about four years, (£100/month for 4 years is about £5k) but you never 'own' the expensive batteries that everybody is scared of needing replacement before its (insert desired number) birthday, so the battery rental is Renault's way of defusing that objection. Personally, I would be more scared of running out of juice on my way home (despite Robert 'Evangelista' Llewellyn's breezy dismissal of such things), with no way of recharging that doesn't take a couple of hours...wonder what AA/RAC/etc are planning to do - just tow you home I guess...? My good lady could survive on ZOE or LEAF range, but I'm just a bit outside, so not for me. These cars are not about cheap motoring, just (alleged) environmental friendliness...

So long as it costs the same or a bit less I would be interested. Range needs to be a little bit longer for me to actually make an order - need 200 miles mssrs Renault are you listening?

These are not only about environmental credentials. What about the fact that they're pretty much silent and ultra smooth? Superb refinement and never having to go to a petrol station ever! This could be a lot of peoples' dream car.

I just looked a brokers website to get the best deal on a ZOE, the price, including a few options came to: £20,662. Out of my price range, shame could of been a good car for the missus to commute to work in.