Toyota Hybrid-R engine details

25 Aug, 2013 11:01pm Jonathan Burn

Toyota has released more details on the 414bhp hybrid system that will power the Yaris based Hybrid-R concept

Toyota has released more details on its Yaris based Hybrid-R concept that will be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month.

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The 1.6-litre turbocharged four-cylinder petrol Global Race Engine from Toyota’s Le Mans racer, will be twinned with three powerful electric motors giving the Hybrid-R intelligent all-wheel drive. Two of the 60bhp motors drive the rear wheels, while the third is used as a generator, which powers the supercapacitor.

Also found in Toyota’s TS030 Hybrid race car, the supercapacitor stores energy recovered under braking and delivers varying amounts of power depending on the cars settings. When in ‘road’ mode the supercapacitor will release energy for a maximum of ten seconds per charge and reduces the total power of the electric motors to 40bhp. In ‘track’ mode, the motors reach a combined maximum of 119bhp for up to five seconds per charge.

Combined, the elements in the hybrid powertrain produce a maximum of 414bhp.

As well as the varying amounts of power the electric motors provide, they also benefit the cornering capabilities of the Hybrid-R too, by altering torque distribution between the left and right rear wheels. Each motor can be independently used as a generator or motor to achieve the same effect as an intelligent torque-vectoring differential, which helps eliminate understeer.