Toyota Yaris facelift for 2014

22 Apr, 2014 10:55am Jordan Bishop

Toyota gives Yaris facelift for 2014, with Aygo-inspired front, new interior and improved dynamics

The Toyota Yaris has received a radical refresh for 2014, including revised styling inspired by the new Aygo. Toyota has also given the interior a makeover, with the updated model arriving in showrooms in the summer. 

Building on the Japanese manufacturer’s current design language, the Yaris now features a toned-down version of the Aygo’s distinctive ‘X’ cross front fascia as well as new headlamps. The rear has received a similarly treatment, now fitted with a restyled LED light clusters, a new rear bumper with integrated diffuser and a reshaped surround for the number plate.

Although interior images of the updated Yaris are yet to be released, improvements include a more spacious feel to the cabin, better quality of materials and greater levels of colour and equipment choice.

Power comes from the same range of engines as you’ll find in the outgoing model, with customers able to choose from a 1.0- or 1.33-litre petrol motor, a 1.4-litre diesel and a full-hybrid powertrain combining a 1.5-litre petrol engine and electric motor. Toyota has also fitted a new suspension setup, helping improve handling and comfort.

Official pricing and further details will be revealed closer to the car’s launch in the summer. 

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What a beautifully designed and engineered car! So refreshing and great to drive compared to the drab vw models. No doubt the German owned AE will tell us that a Kraut car is better because remember the Fiesta is also designed by de krauts!

I do not like the new grille, but the Yaris is the best small car money can buy. Wih the new sound isolation and new interior materials it will be even better.
Toyota is active with many new models and facelifts (Aygo, this Yaris, the new USA bound Camry etc). I think they will redesign the Auris next year, with better materials for the interior as well as a new, more bold, front design, we'll have to wait and see.

I'm really not sure about that huge grille either to be honest. I think the one in the picture is the hybrid version. Ironically the current hybrid model is the nicest looking version in my opinion, but I think they have spoiled the looks.


The sort of grille that led to the downturn in Peugeot sales

Might be enough to transform this poor effort from Toyota into a mediocre one. Probably the worst engine lineup of any supermini and the unconvincing hybrid technology is at its worst in the Yaris making it expensive and poorly equipped compared to tax free offerings from other manufacturers. They should concentrate on important issues such as this rather than silly grilles.

Yes I hate the grill too.The Yaris is the best choice for someone who want's no drama.Just drive and forget about unreliability.The engines have been around for years because they're reliable and simple.No turbo to go wrong(or wait for boost),just well proven mechanicals,no fuss.In Australia we only get the 1.3 and 1.5 engines,no hybrid,desiel or rediculous little engines that are popular in Europe.Even with petrol here being $1.50/$1.60 per litre people buy more of the bigger engines.Desiel is most common in large vehicles like SUV's.For me reliability comes first,and the Japanese have proved themselves to be top of the tree for this for 40 years.(in Aust at least)

Having spent a week or two weighing up small cars for a purchase, Jazz (Fit) is a better car than the Yaris, and the 2014 Nissan Note too is also much better. The Yaris has the reversing camera in its favour, but nothing else.

'Probably the worst engine lineup of any supermini'. Are you serious?! Have you looked at the engines in many of its Euro rivals? Are you aware of the old fashioned 3 cylinder 1.2 engines they use in VAG group products such as the Polo barely kicking out 60BHP. Meanwhile Toyota's smallest 1.0 litre engine in the Yaris uses inteligent variable valve timing and is one of the lightest in the world and produces 69BHP. Meanwhile the larger 1.33 engine utilises dual inteligent variable valve timing, twin camshafts and 16 valves and produces 100BHP. The 1.5 hybrid meanwhile is one of the most sophisticated engines you will find in any supermini.......

Do you really think a slight change in design reduces sales? More likely being PSA cars are junk. They are going broke.

Agree completely and I've driven and worked on more makes and models then most could even name.

How right you are. People say these silly thing about certain cars because they never had the sense to buy a Japanese brand.

Thanks for the lesson in 1990's engine technology but things have moved on a bit since. Take a look at the facelifted Polo engines for instance (the old 1.2 engine is being dropped) and you'll find every one of the petrols bar the gti version can now match the base 1.0 Yaris unit for economy, even the 1.4tsi with over twice the power output.