New Volkswagen Tiguan shapes up

Volkswagen Tiguan exclusive pic
Credits: Auto Bild/Andre Avarvarii
30 Jun, 2014 10:29am Jack Rix

More new SUVs on the way, with new Volkswagen Tiguan on the horizon

The VW Group is planning a crossover explosion in the next three years. As the brand sees it, the key to satisfying customer demand for SUVs is to replace core models like the Tiguan and Touareg 
– new versions of which are due in showrooms in 2016 – and create more unusual spin-offs like the VW Beetle Dune and TT Offroad.

The wackier models will allow cars like the new Tiguan (shown in our exclusive images) to play it safe with styling and a chassis tuned more for comfort than fun. Still, engine options are set to include downsized petrol turbos, an 80mpg-plus BlueMotion model and a plug-in hybrid.

A year after the new Tiguan debuts, a long-wheelbase seven-seater version is set to appear – and our image shows how it could look.

Affordable seven-seater SUVs are seen as a big growth area in the market, as large families migrate away from unfashionable MPVs – this is why Land Rover plans to do the same thing with its new Discovery Sport.

There are even rumours that a lower-slung Tiguan Coupe, to rival BMW’s new X4, could be launched. Plus, an up!-based Taigun is expected in 2015, while the much larger CrossBlue, set for the US, could still come here.

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If that's anywhere near what it actually looks like, it's darn ugly thing.

Have they nicked Peter Schreyer back from Kia?

The front looks like that of a Vauxhall.

Actually it has a bit of a resemblance to the Dacia Sandero!

I need help I keep pretending to be Jeremy (Clarkson drives a Merc btw) I'm a fool.

As of 1/7/14 the "VW Worship link" which disappeared, briefly, from the menu bar in all AE reviews has now reappeared in a modified version. As with all pieces on VW topics there is an additional worship link in the body of the article.
Now also VW have a bizarre "AE Worship link" in some of their adverts. A very dubious mutual admiration society which needs to be kept in mind when reading reviews of VW products.


Looks a Dacia Duster!

I quite like it's no nonsense chunky looks.

The problem is that VW & VAG have a nasty tendency to do multiple versions of such cars.

If this is designed as a 4WD then there really shouldn't be a 2WD version, after all that's what this car's about. Also you'll find that they'll charge extra for the under car protection plates and extra clearances as well.

Very mainstream styling, but this is just an AutoBild concept, not the finished thing.

The front-end (buoyed by the rather large wheels) looks better than the current car and is distinctly not Golf which is another plus.
In the second picture from the side the new looks exactly like the old. Seems like the designers went on go-slow after drafting the front.

It probably won't be far off from the final thing though.

True - not my cuppa anyway, and other VW concepts look much more interesting.

Squint at the front end and you can see a Dacia.

It´s a Dacia Duster with VW badge...

I'd agree with you there... (Waits for thud as Miguel passes out from shock!)

Perfect for a eunuch like you then.

I know your wife drives one.

Really? That would be quite interesting as I don't have a wife, don't want one either.