High-quality future for SEAT

New SEAT Leon FR
9 Nov, 2012 12:27pm Tom Phillips

SEAT's James Muir talks up “heightened focus on quality for all SEAT cars”

In an exclusive interview with Auto Express, President of SEAT, James Muir, has talked about the “heightened focus on quality for all SEAT cars.”

When asked if the new SEAT Leon is a line in the sand for the brand, he agreed, saying: “We build a brand on the back of great products, and great products enable the creation of great brands.

“The new Leon sets the course for where our design is going. We have the latest technology, and now have the best that German engineering has to offer.”

Specifically, Muir said that the Leon has incredible tight production tolerances, with “the narrowest panel gaps” and “best door seals” in the segment.

Looking to the future, he added: “We will build on this [the new Leon] and everything must be more relevant to our customers. We will make products that are centred right in the middle of their segments, something that customers understand straight away.”

The new Leon is certainly a more mainstream proposition, and offers a much more credible alternative to the Golf, as well as being around 10 per cent cheaper than the VW.

Muir admitted that the Leon is essential to the future success of SEAT. The brand continues to work on its expansion in China, but said that “there’s no sustainable business model” until cars are being built in a Chinese factory.

However, he did add that SEAT is experiencing more success in Europe. On the back of the launch of the new Toledo and Mii, “we are expanding in many European markets – we’re doing well in the UK and we’re the second fastest growing brand in Germany [Europe’s largest car market].”