New SEAT Leon Cupra

SEAT Leon Cupra
11 Apr, 2013 10:13am Paul Bond

The all-new SEAT Leon Cupra will be powered by a 2.0-litre TSI engine with as much as 261bhp

SEAT has revealed that the hot hatch version of the all-new Leon will arrive early next year – and it could be available in three different body styles for the first time.

That means that the new SEAT Leon Cupra will be available as a five-door and a slinkier three-door SC, but that just like the Ford Focus ST, it could also be available as a practical ST estate.

According to sources within the company, the Leon Cupra is set to produce more power than either the new VW Golf GTI or Skoda Octavia vRS, with a 2.0-litre TSI engine making around 261bhp. Power will be sent through the front wheels using a limited-slip differential, just like the one found on the Golf GTI Performance Pack.

SEAT's director of vehicle engineering and chassis development, Fermin Soneira Santos, confirmed that the styling would also be more subdued: “It will look different from the standard Leon but not over-the-top. This has to be a car people are proud to own, and you could definitely put your mother in law in this new Cupra.”

He also confirmed that new chassis development meant that the new car would not have to compromise sharp handling in favour of ride comfort: “I am biased, but I promise this car will be just as comfortable at the weekend as it is driving on track”

Santos also said that the price would be competitive with the Golf GTI, so we can expecte it to start from around £26,000 when it goes on sale early next year.

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Isn't it funny to say the car could ahve "as much as 261bhp" and later "making around 261bhp".

Saying "around X" usually means a "round" value, eg. 260, with possibility of a significant difference or error, eg. 250 or 270. Reading "around 261" for me means +/-1, and that is a neglible difference!

Also, an automotive journalist should know that final tuning of a modern turbo engine is just a different ECU map, so an engine can gain or loose 5-10% depending on the request of marketing division (low co2 for tax or
high bhp for pub bragging).

Saying "around 260" would slightly mask the fact that this is a copyied VAG PR release, and that the car will probably have 261bhp or 265ps (german).

sheesh chill the hell out dude!

always leaves room for a Cupra R model too, gotta be hitting 300bhp with that model

I like the New Seat Leon Cupra

Does this mean there'll be an estate version to match the Octavia vRS? Hope so!

I'm calm. Just that I'd like to see a "journalist" spend more time writing a news / article (or re-writing an press release from the manufacturer) than a reader spends reading it.

I can guarantee you that this is not "an press release" re-written. In fact, quite the opposite - this is an example of someone getting a proper news story in the traditional way, by asking questions of a person in the know. I can guarantee this because I was there. And by "VAG", I assume you mean "Volkswagen Group". VAG no longer exists.
Think more carefully before tearing into someone.

The traditional way would be knowing or checking the available facts, and telling the story with a little bit more "juice" than repeating someones words (or a PR memo). Volkswagen group, whatever it current true name, has a 2.0T engine from E113 and E888 families, with states of tune from "around" 200 to 300bhp; if the news is that Cupra will have "around 261bhp" than it would be interesting if it's a old 261bhp E113 from the previous Audi S3 and CupraR, or the newer E888 (and supposedly less tunable) in the new state of tune.

If I were my JOB to talk to someone "in the know", I'd prepare myself and ask something beyond what they told me willingly... But this is just my opinion, and anybody can disagree!

E113 and E888 families, you say? Juicy.

I may have made the jump to an A Class too soon!