SEAT Leon Cup Racer

7 May, 2013 10:10am Luke Madden

The new 325bhp SEAT Leon Cup Racer is set to debut at the Worthersee GTI festival later this week

SEAT has unveiled a new racing version of its Leon hatch, called the Leon Cup Racer. The new racer is set to debut at the Worthersee GTI tuning festival in Austria later this week.

Available to teams contesting the 2014 season, it’ll start at 70,000 Euros (£59,000) and is powered by a 2.0-litre turbo engine delivering 325bhp to the front wheels via a six-speed DSG gearbox. The car is set to get an electronically controlled differential, too.

A version designed for endurance racing will be offered, priced at 95,000 Euros (£80k). This will have the same engine, but will feature a sequential transmission and a mechanical limited-slip diff.

Based on the five-door Leon, the Cup Racer gets 18-inch racing wheels and a track that is 40cm wider than the road car. There’s a few aerodynamic upgrades aiming to increase downforce and airflow in to the engine and brakes. That includes a big front spoiler, large roof spoiler and huge air intakes either side of the front bumper.

The interior is out-and-out racing car, with bucket seats and a roll cage but little else.  There’s a new clear TFT display and mult-function steering wheel to help ensure the driver can keep an eye on important readouts.

Further versions of the Leon Cup Racer are possible, with SEAT Sport boss Jaime Puig saying: “We can envisage developing the Cup Racer to create a World Touring Car Championship car with a 1.6-litre engine.”

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Not really relevant news for the general public, is it? I'm sure many other manufacturers, beside VW/Seat can sell You a Cup racer.

The car does look really mean! It's strange though they didn't base it on a 3 door Leon? Tight schedule before Worthersee GTI meet?

Neat, as is the black Ibiza racer. SEAT should make road-going versions of these two.

It's for a single make trophy so other manufacturers will find it a bit hard to sell a car eligible to compete in the SEAT championships.

And when you say this isn't relevant to the general public, the engineers involved in racing it could develop new components to make the car a bit quicker which will be tested nearly to destruction before it's built into their road cars.

It makes more sense to build a five door racer, it makes access to the rear easier for the mechanics.

Ok, but there are also (in the UK) Renault Clio CUP, Mini Challenge, VW Racing Cup, Ford Fiesta Cup, then Ginetta, Lotus, Radical, Porsche Carrera... not a lot of news about those!?

About developing new components - have You ever been near a "serious" racing car? In most cases only the shell, glass and roof are shared with a production model - most other components are heavily modified or bespoke items. Just look at the interior shot of the Leon!

It makes more sense to build a racer on a 3 door bodyshell: A. it is or should be stiffer and/or lighter; B. longer front doors facilitate entrance to the back mounted racing seat; C. the back of the car is accessed opening the boot.

I guess its news because it may offer some clues as to a what hot Cupra version of the new Leon may turn out like, but take your point. Awesome looking machine too.