Toyota RAV4 EV

8 May, 2012 11:14am Luke Madden

Toyota announces all-electric RAV4 EV SUV, developed with the help of Tesla

Toyota has revealed the new Toyota RAV4 EV all-electric vehicle, but the newcomer will initially only be available in certain areas of California.

The RAV4 EV has been developed with the help of US sports car firm Tesla, and comes fitted with a 152bhp electric motor. In ‘Normal’ driving mode the EV accelerates from 0-60mph in 8.6 seconds but a ‘Sport’ mode lowers this time to exactly seven seconds. 

Charging the batteries from a specialised 240V output is the option of choice and will take around six hours, but a cable that can charge the car from a standard 120V US wall socket is also provided. A full charge will provide around 100 miles of range. 

To help distance the RAV4 EV from the standard combustion-engined models, the EV gets a restyled nose and a more aerodynamic underbody. Together, the tweaks help to make the newcomer the most aerodynamic SUV on sale. 

In the cabin no practicality has been lost, with identical boot space and rear legroom. The all-electric model also comes well equipped, with satellite radio, Bluetooth, a USB socket, heated seats, sat-nav and an eight-inch touchscreen. 

The Toyota RAV4 EV goes on sale late in the summer with a price-tag of 49,800 USD, and Toyota is planning on selling 2,600 units over the next three years. 

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Curious as to why you quote the car's recharge time for a UK mains supply if only Californians can get the car, and then fail to mention how long it will take for them. Also, you make no comment on the price difference compared to a petrol RAV4.

I would imagine this is little more than a marketing ploy from Toyota.

They openly admit there is minimal demand for fully electric vehicles but the rich and famous of California are a great marketing tool!

Considering there isn't even a hybrid Rav4 available yet I would suggest this is to get some real world data on a fleet of vehicles as a viability study towards a full market EV. The next gen Rav is due over the next 12 months too don't forget.

ps. standard Rav4 petrol is around $25k

I wonder if Tesla is borrowing the Rav4s drive train as a experiment for their upcoming model x

aje21: To my understanding of the US electrical system, it is quite common for the US household to have a 'specialised' 2 phase socket supplying 240volts. These are normally for a cloths drier or cooker

I kind of liked the original Electric Rav4 from the late 90s, the ones that Toyota didn't scrap after lease are mostly still running. Mother had a petrol one from the same period, awful car

240v is the American 'equivalent' of our 415v supply. Some American residences have 240v supplies.