Audi Quattro 20v vs Audi A4 quattro

1 Jun, 2013 10:00am

In the fourth instalment of our Heroes Humbled? series, we pit the legendary Audi Quattro against the latest Audi A4 2.0 TDI quattro

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Pity there isn't more to this series ie proper track runs and a bit more video on the detail of the cars eg under the hood and the interior.

The old Quattro is better looking, and at 220 HP is really just playing with the Diesel. Turn up the wick and it will produce a satisfying 300 HP. Do a rebuild with better pistons and rods, intercooler, turbo and injectors and a remap and a clutch that will law down the power and she'll produce 400+ HP on pump gas and 600 on Race Gas. No comparison really.

does anyone even care? LOL

The way I see this is very different - almost the same level of performance but nearly TWICE the fuel efficiency? And lets not forget that the Quattro was considered a very high performing car in its time whereas the A4 is just a standard repmobile. I know which one I think is the hero here, and it's by no means the Quattro 20V.

80's Quattro is a special car, audi's are nice motors but they're too common now.