Top 10 worst cars

30 Sep, 2014 12:36pm Sam Naylor

As voted for by Auto Express readers, here are the top 10 worst cars ever

Car makes don't always get things quite right when they produce a new model. It's getting less common these days, but motor manufacturers have put out some truly awful products over the years, and we asked you which model is the number one worst car ever. With your help, we've narrowed down our shortlist of stinkers to this top (well, bottom) 10 - starting with your worst car ever: the Ssangyong Rodius.

1. SsangYong Rodius

Ssangyong Rodius

Claiming the unwanted number one slot is the Rodius, with its styling coming in for a lot of criticism. “It looks like a melted hearse,” said one reader, while another called for drastic action: “It’s time these were taken away and destroyed.”

2. G-Wiz


The G-Wiz is classed as a quadricycle, and is a common sight on London roads thanks to its electric drive and low running costs. But it’s slow, not very safe and ugly as sin. Plus, owners still get stuck in the capital’s jams, and they’re in a tiny, uncomfortable box.

3. Chrysler PT Cruiser Cabriolet

Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible

The PT Cruiser was hardly pretty, but the 2005 Convertible was a real ugly duckling. Add in a lack of refinement and driver enjoyment, plus a poor-quality cabin, and you had a novelty car that was no fun at all.

4. FSO Polonez

FSO Polonez

Fabryka Samochodów Osobowych (FSO) was a Polish car maker, and it sold its Polonez – a rebodied Fiat 125p, over here in the eighties. It was cheap, performed poorly and lacked any desirability at all. The Polonez was actually in production for 24 years, but don’t take that as a marker of its quality.

5. Rover CityRover

Rover CityRover

The CityRover was launched in 2003, as part of the long and painful death of the manufacturer. A rebranded version of the Tata Indica supermini, it was poorly received from the off, with its build quality coming in for particular criticism.

6. Mitsubishi Mirage

Mitsubishi Mirage

Poor handling and a very low-rent feel mean the Mitsubishi Mirage is bottom of its class in many categories – and it doesn’t even have a super-cheap price to reflect that. There really is no reason to buy one, unless you can get a massive discount.

7. Suzuki X-90

Suzuki X-90

The original Suzuki Vitara SUV and Cappuccino roadster had niche appeal, but the X-90 took that theme a bit too far. Who wanted a two-seater convertible mini-SUV? Nobody, especially when it had awful handling and zero off-road ability.

8. Morris Marina

Morris Marina

when it was on sale in the UK, the Marina was a top seller. However, that was more down to the lack of choice buyers had elsewhere, rather than it being a great car. In fact, terrible handling and poor build quality meant it was an utterly awful one.

9. Lada Riva

Lada Riva

a lack of choice also explains the Riva’s success, this time in Eastern Bloc countries in the eighties. It was poor to drive, uncomfortable and basic in the extreme. Virtually any car of the same age will trump this Lada saloon in any category.

10. Austin Allegro

Austin Allegro

The Allegro was the poster child for everything bad about British car manufacturing back in the seventies. It looked awful and handled dreadfully, and when the Volkswagen Golf landed in dealers, this car was shown to be hopelessly outdated.

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