Best-selling cars 2016

6 Jun, 2016 3:45pm Pete Baiden

The Ford Fiesta is the best selling car of 2016 so far, but what other cars make up the top 10?

It was a record year for new car sales in the UK in 2015, and now 2016 is on course to be even bigger for the automotive industry, but what are the best selling cars of the year so far? To find out we’ve put together a list of the top 10 cars to be sold in January, February, March, April and May. 

New car registrations on the up in 2016

The new car market grew by 2.5 per cent in May, with 203,585 new cars registered. Added to the total from the first four months of the year and there have now been 1,164,870 registrations so far, over 45,000 more than at the same point in 2015.

The Ford Fiesta once again dominated sales, accounting for 8,236 of May's registrations. As a result, it has stretched its lead at the top of our list with 52,476 total sales in 2016.

The ever-popular Vauxhall Corsa stays in second place with 33,519 total registrations, with the Ford Focus sitting in third with 31,882. However, the Volkswagen Golf continued to close the gap on the Corsa and Focus after ending May as the second best seller for the second consecutive month.

Best new car deals 2016

As in previous years, you’ll see parallels between the best selling models in our list below. Despite the growing popularity of SUVs and crossovers, it’s the traditional family-friendly hatchbacks and superminis that still make up the majority of new car sales. Will that change as 2016 develops?

Scroll down to see the top 10 selling cars of 2016 so far, with full sales figures and details on each model.

The top 10 best-selling cars in 2016

1. Ford Fiesta – 52,476 registrations

Once again, the Ford Fiesta sits at the top of the list. It’s a regular here and it’s easy see why with its engaging drive and attractive styling – quite simply it’s one of the best all round hatchbacks money can buy. With 52,476 registrations since the start of the year, it’s now almost 19,000 sales clear of its nearest rival.

2. Vauxhall Corsa – 33,519 registrations

After jumping from third to second place on our list in 2015, the Vauxhall Corsa has regained its place in the top two with 33,519 sales since the start of the year. With its high quality interior, good level of standard kit and cheap running costs, it remains an attractive proposition.

3. Ford Focus – 31,882 registrations

The Ford Focus finished third on this list in 2015 and it finds itself in a familiar position once again. Strong sales in March, April and May has helped put its slow start to the year to one side and it now boasts 31,882 registrations so far. It is still an impressive family hatchback and is great to drive. 

4. Volkswagen Golf – 30,802 registrations

The Volkswagen Golf speaks for itself having been around since the 1970s, and has been one of the best selling cars in the country ever since. With its engaging handling, excellent ride and high-quality interior, it sets the benchmark that the makers of hatchback rivals judge their models against.

5. Nissan Qashqai – 27,824 registrations

The Nissan Qashqai sold well in 2015, but is its strong start to 2016 with 27,824 registrations a sign that it is a serious challenger to the smaller family hatchbacks that normally dominate at the top? It remains a great all-round car, which provides a great driving experience and good economy. 

6. Volkswagen Polo – 23,070 registrations

Despite its age – the Mk5 has been on sale since 2009 – the Volkswagen Polo is still a top-10 best seller. It’s hard to argue with the beautifully built cabin, practicality, low running costs and all-round quality that make it so popular. 

7. Vauxhall Astra – 22,778 registrations

The Vauxhall Astra retains its place in the top 10 with good reason. The all-new British built Mk7 was released last year and is one of the best all-round cars on the road right now thanks to its efficient engines, comfortable drive and groundbreaking tech. 

8. Audi A3 – 19,147 registrations

As the class leading premium family hatchback, the Audi A3 is taking the fight to the BMW 1 Series and Mercedes A-Class and winning. It may share many similarities to the Volkswagen Golf, but the superb interior and upmarket feel help make it one of the best selling cars around.

9. Vauxhall Mokka - 18,106 registrations

The Vauxhall Mokka retains its place in the top 10 after enjoying strong February and March sales. Despite the somehwat lacklustre drive, it's popularity is mainly down to its good looks and long list of standard equipment. 

10. MINI - 18,009

The MINI has been hovering around the fringes of the top all year, but strong May sales of 3,780 finally saw it make our list with 18,009 total registrations so far. Buyers clearly like the BMW-like feel, and the five-door model is also extremely practical.

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