Honda Civic SUV on way

4 Jan, 2012 11:27am Luke Madden

Honda is planning a crossover to take on the big-selling Nissan Qashqai from 2013

Honda has set its sights on emulating the runaway success of the Nissan Qashqai – and our exclusive images reveal the car it will pin its hopes on. The company is keen to boost its profitability in Europe, particularly in the UK, where sales have halved over the last three years. And a new crossover to sit between the Civic and CR-V is seen as key to its chances of doing so.

The as-yet-unnamed car will be based on a tweaked version of the new Civic’s platform, and go on sale next year. Our illustrations show how it’s likely to look. It blends Civic styling cues, such as the flowing wheelarches and narrow headlights, with a front end from the company’s Skydeck MPV concept car, plus additional chunky details like the underbody guard. Inside, it will make use of the Civic’s flip-up rear seats.

Despite the high-riding stance, the crossover will have to be good to drive, and that’s where the Civic underpinnings will help. Fluid-filled bushes and a stiff rear subframe will keep the ride supple and the handling sharp.

As with the Qashqai, the big-selling engines would all be diesels, and Honda’s new 1.6-litre i-DTEC engine will be the main attraction. It produces 118bhp and 300Nm of torque, and should emit around 110g/km of CO2, with economy of 70mpg, thanks to stop-start and an efficient electric power-steering set-up. The more powerful 147bhp 2.2-litre i-DTEC engine will also be offered, alongside a 1.8-litre petrol engine with 138bhp.

A key Honda selling point is hybrid technology and the firm will be looking to introduce next-generation hybrid systems on the newcomer. That could mean an electric motor at the rear, giving the company a four-wheel-drive version. Plus, a plug-in hybrid system is being developed for some of Honda’s larger vehicles, and the Qashqai rival could be one of the first models to get it. A price tag of around £17,000 is likely when the newcomer arrives in showrooms in 2013.

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Not the most

Not sure if it will rival the other mini SUVs well enough

Dr Abs

Who designed this? Who signed it off? How can they be stopped from doing this again?

It looks like the unhappy love child of a Nissan Juke and a Peugeot 3008. Turd + turd = turd

It looks like a combination of new shape Civic, with a CRZ front end, and it really doesn't work. Honda should have a look at Mazda's soon-to-be-launched CX5 for an example of a neat, smart compact SUV, and take some inspiration.....

Honda usually target the pensioner age range in the UK..... having limited vision to see it and partial deafness to ignore the negative comments as you drive it will make this another Honda success......

Otherwise, it's one of the ugliest cars Honda has ever produced.

Rear end needs to be sorted out, pretty ugly and would imagine has restricted vision.

With any luck, it's AE just amalgamating 2 car designs that wouldn't work as SUV's.
Could this be the comeback of the HR-V? It's about time Honda got some more interesting models out there.
I miss the late 90's Honda's - they seemed to know what they were doing back then!

Seriously, come on - with the fact that the Civic has just been facelifted, you go and graft the CRZ's face on the front and put the Civic's new rear light clusters on the back? At least the back end will look better but if Honda's safety experts have any idea, they'll reconsider the spoiler red lens strip as it may well get in the way when reversing.

Mazda 6 like the one I have outside. Wish they would try a bit harder!!

I have a 07 Honda Civic and to me it is a beautiful car, but the 2012 version of the Civic and the above SUV version just seem to be to be rounded off square boxes on wheels.

Come on people take a look at what is already out there. i.e. Ford Kuga,Porsche Cayenne,Nissan Juke, not to mention the BMW 4x4's to mention but a few. Honda will be onto a real winner with this model, which, lets face it will probably be tweaked by the time it goes on sale. I don;t think that it looks ugly at all, in fact it is one of the better looking SUV models I've seen for a long time. Lets not forget that Honda where proably the first manufacturer to give us the small SUV, in the "JOY MACHINE" HR-V. It is about time that they revived this type of car,although I think they should stay faithfull to the original design, which still looks fresh and uniuqe today (yes I do drive a HR-V). I for one am looking forward to see how Honda finish this design for sale and hopefully they will get away from this idea of high pricing that they have had for the last few years and which I think has caused the drop in their UK sales

Looks great - fresh, a bit edgy and different. People hate change, hence the general moaning on this post. Grow up

...than insulting other readers - an action of a "grown-up" maybe?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but this is ugly for a number of reasons. The unhappy mix of squared off angles AND curves. Door handles not being alligned. Bits of bodywork sticking out for no apparent reason that certainly don't add anything to the cohersion of the design. Styling touches that hinder practicality.

Hopefully it is just a photoshop knock-up for Honda's sake.

Man, I don't want to be the one to have to break the news to the Honda execs that they already have a Civic SUV, the CRV...apparently they forgot!

gay lol..instead of an suv why doesnt honda release a civic turbo...

Seen something similar in states last week.much easier on the eye up close.

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HR-V is another excellent Honda that the company 'forgot' about.

To my eyes, it still looks fresher and shapelier than this Civic.

Then again, I reckon Honda style peaked with the NS-X and CR-X, and perhaps the last-gen Civic.

Current models are mostly too hefty-looking for my taste.

Ahem... pensioner talking here, with sound vision and hearing.

This lump is not desirable - instead, give me a tasty Mugen gen-2 CRX or a 2004 NSX!