New Nissan Qashqai spied

5 Dec, 2012 12:22pm Damion Smy

Our spies have caught the new Nissan Qashqai on test - and it's set to be smarter than ever before

Our spies have caught the new Nissan Qashqai on the road ahead of its world debut at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show.

The pictures don’t tell us a great deal about how the second generation of the big-selling British-built crossover will look, but we know that its design will follow the lines of the Hi-Cross Concept, seen at Geneva this year. And our exclusive image shows how the finished car could look.

It’ll be more aggressive than at present, with a set of narrower LED daytime running lights, strongly defined haunches and an angular shoulder line. But the car will be the same length as the current Qashqai, and offer the same amount of space inside.

The emphasis on style comes in the wake of stiffer competition from the Kia Sportage and Skoda Yeti, plus premium models like the Audi Q3 and BMW X1.

Nissan will address criticism of the current Qashqai’s interior quality by working hard to improve the fit and finish, too.

Soft-touch materials and a larger central touchscreen will give the cabin a more premium feel, while practicality will be a priority. A versatile seat layout, with a split-folding rear bench, should ensure maximum boot space of around 1,500 litres.

Under the bonnet, a new 113bhp 1.2-litre petrol turbo is set to replace the existing 115bhp 1.6-litre. This will offer improved economy, with 50mpg-plus expected, along with CO2 emissions of less than 120g/km.

Even more efficient than this will be the new 128bhp 1.6-litre diesel, with 60mpg and less than 105g/km of CO2. As with the current car, two and four-wheel drive will be available.

The new Qashqai arrives in UK dealers in early 2014, and should be priced from around £17,000.

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New?? Doesn't look it as it is still pig ugly and confused looking. Still, the 4WD wanabees will buy the thing in Exportmarkets somewhere and earn export credits for Sunderland - thank goodness!

John is partially right!

2 of your photos show a car thats virtually the same as the present Qashgai!

Whats new about the car in such photos and why publish them? The third photo of the red car is not particulary dashingly impressive when compared say with others now on the market now such as the KIA Sportage etc!

We had a Qashgai CDI here in Germany and were really pleased with it, it was both extremly economical, roomy and reliable and made in Britain.

We changed it recently for a KIA Sportage CRDI - Made in Europe - because we were very impressed with its 7 year garantie, dynamic looks thanks to Peter Schreyer - ex VW/AUDI Chief design guy.

He did the TT - and it is both roomy and again economical, well made ( lots of EU OEM Parts in it ), reliable and extremely good value for our money!

Better spending our hard earned money on ourselves than giving it to Merkel to burn or send to the EURO Fund or Greece!

On another topic - why are the majority of British police cars either BMWs or Volvos? Surely there are many extremely suitable police patrol cars built in Britain which are lower priced as well?

Thinking of Toyota Avensis, Honda Accord, Nissan Qashgai and Juke, Vauxhall and Ford Mondeo etc?

Never seen a Qashgai on patrol where they are built in the North East - Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumbria, Tyne and Wear, Durham or Yorkshires? Why is this?

Surely Nissan is both an important major employer in this area and also through this also a substantial tax payer to these Authorities. And from this money they buy BMWs and Volvos?

Sounds crazy when we are constantly moaning all the time about the stupid EU and then kick ourselves in the backside?

Why this fixation with Foreign products by the British police authorities?

It cannot be because these are cheaper and I assume its because of manipulated purchase specifications helped by strong financial lobbying by these makers?

Is this a case for the Serious Crime Squad or Director of Public Prosecutions to investigate?

That looks more like a test mule than the new model so 2014 seems a little ambitious!! And that render looks worse than the current one :/

@gran canaria on the subject of authority vehicles I assume its down to heavy bulk discounts and high resale values making them good value for money in fhe long run...
The reason the cars became silver rather than white was to get a higher resale price at the end of their working lives.

Designed by Mr Bland.
For Mr and Mrs Bland and their bland children.
Nissan must introduce this vehicle in beige to do the blandness justice.

@wozzy - got your point! but thinking this through to the nd this policy is really counter productive if it puts British workers out of jobs that pay the taxes that finance the buying of these foreign vehicles!

Plus the point I still have a strong suspicion that these purchase inquiries from the authorities concerned are rigged! In other weord the specification is laid out to make it fit BMW and/or Volvo cars and not say Toyota or Nissan!


Because money is invloved in paying commisions somewhere down the line! Illegal or not?

British police cars made in Britain?

Why not!

We are talking in effect about British jobs and our economy!

In Germany all or all I see are certainly made in Germany and if its war different there would be a row and an investigation?

Why do Police authorities in the UK favour foreign police cars? It certainly cannot be that they are less expensive.

On reliabilty also Nissan and Honda stand comparison with the German BMWs and the Chinese/Swedish Volvos and are at least equal!

The Qashgai is one of the top selling SUVs both in Germany and Europe so where is the problem?

In Swirtzerland things like these purchases are open and very carefully scrutinised!

I also suspect rigged purchase inquiries that certainly should be investigated by an independant body such as the DPP!

Suddenly the summer came to UK... Really???