Nissan Qashqai 360

7 Jan, 2013 9:00am Chris Ebbs

Nissan has added a new trim level to its Qashqai line-up, with new technology and more style

Nissan has added a new trim to the Qashqai line-up. The Qashqai 360 model replaces the current n-tec+ specification - which sits between Acenta and Tekna models - and comes with a whole host of new technology and added kit.

One of the main additions is the 360 Around View Monitor System, which is linked to the sat-nav screen and gives an all-round view of the car from four cameras to make parking the Qashqai that little bit easier.

Other extra features include part-leather trim, gloss black roof rails, 18-inch alloy wheels, gloss black door handles, a panoramic glass roof and a leather armrest.

Despite the extra kit, prices start from the same as the outgoing n-tec+ model at £19,995. With the n-tec+ accounting for 60 per cent of sales, Nissan is expecting the 360 to continue as the best-selling model in the line-up.

The Qashqai 360 trim is on sale now and is available across the Qashqai and Qashqai+2 range, including all engine and gearbox options.

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We bought a qashqai +2 n-tec+ back in June and it has all the main features you list for the new 360 model ???

Can't get my head around why this is outsold by the boring Focus and Astra? It's so much better and far more than a fake-4x4 fashion statement. Nice to know some thought has gone into it, and it's built in Sunderland.

The Nissan Qashqai should be sold in Canada, instead of the even plainer Nissan Rogue.

The British built Nissan Qashqai moved up three positions to end at #6 from last year's #9. If Nissan introduces a better engine line-up in terms of power output and emissions the Qashqai sales could increase further.

Going back to Chris Ebbs story, this is not really a new trim level. 360 is just a new name for n-tec+.

Bland vehicle.
With bland looks.
Designed for Mr & Mrs Bland from Blandfordshire!

I don't really understand how a Focus or Astra is inferior to a Qashqai (or Dualis as they're called here in Australia. The Qashqai is a Nissan hatchback that's a bit taller, more boring to drive, smaller on the inside and features 4WD on some models, not that you can actually offroad with it. Because it's so heavy, it uses more fuel than rivals and a Skoda Yeti is so, so, so much more clever.

It's totally subjective, but for a 6 year old design (though there has been a face lift since) its not as bland as the new Focus and Astra and certainly miles ahead of their predecessors it used to compete with.

Why are you so negative about the Qashqai? There's nothing actually bad about it... It can't be that bad given that rivals have rushed to make crossovers since, yet the Qashqai remains one of the, or the best selling crossovers.

Just about all the criticisms you aimed at the Qashqai can be aimed at the Yeti - which is just a jacked up Skoda hatchback that's smaller inside and less economical than the Octavia with no better off road ability than any other car with four powered wheels.

Mind me asking what car you own?

I've owned a Qashqai for 4 years and find it to be the most comfortable car I've driven. I was hoping to replace it with the new model but as it won't be out until 2014 I won't bother waiting. By the time the new one comes out, this model will be 7 years old. I feel they are flogging this dated car to death. I've just ordered a Range Rover Evoque instead.

I am on my second Qashqai, after doing 35k a year in the first, its quick enough, roomy and comfortable, dealer is brilliant, what else do you need. Better still its made in England.