New Renault SUV to be revealed on Friday

Renault supermini SUV teaser
8 Jan, 2013 11:21am Tom Phillips

Renault will reveal its all-new Nissan Juke rival at 9am UK time on Friday

The production version of the Renault supermini SUV will be revealed on Friday morning at 9am UK time. The new car is built on the same platform that underpins the latest Renault Clio and Nissan Juke.

The new car was announced this morning with a teaser image and video on YouTube, entitled “Save the date! - Discover J87, the latest addition to Renault's lineup!” Renault will confirm the car’s name - which is codenamed J87 - and reveal the swoopy look of the new SUV this Friday.

The car is expected to be called the Captur when it arrives in the UK in production form in June, as revealed in a series of line drawings leaked from a patent office. But the full details and pictures of the new small SUV will be made available on Friday, ahead of the car’s public debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

A Renault spokesman confirmed that the new SUV has Renault’s “new brand identity design, with engines and tech very in keeping with Clio 4…”

The timing of the reveal is believed to have been sparked by the release of first pictures of the production-ready Peugeot 2008 earlier this wek. The 2008 will also debut at Geneva before going on sale in the UK in September.

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At the rate Renault is losing sales here in UK it won't be long when Renaults are seen as collectors' car.

Renault desperately needs this Clio-based mini-SUV to be a sales success or face extinction.

If it has the flavour of the Captur concept, I reckon it could stand a good chance.

But if the styling has been watered down (usually the case) then it'll just be another me-too SUV.

X-fingers Renault's suits didn't wimp out.

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