Volkswagen Polo 2014 facelift spied

24 Jan, 2014 12:26pm Jimi Beckwith

The facelifted 2014 VW Polo has been spied completely undisguised, ahead of its official launch at the Geneva Motor Show

The Volkswagen Polo is about to receive an extensive set of mid-life updates, and our spies have caught a prototype completely undisguised.

VW Polo review

Changes to the exterior design are subtle, including new bumpers with a slightly sharper design, as well as a redesigned grille with three chrome slats instead of two.

The rear end has also been subtly refreshed, and like the front end, is more Golf-like. The styling alterations bring the Polo into line with the rest of Volkswagen’s lineup, five years after it made its debut in 2009.

Aesthetics aside, the facelifted Polo is reported to be the first to feature adjustable dampers; the dashboard’s ‘Sport’ button being a telltale sign.

Volkswagen Polo updates

Adaptive cruise control is also set to feature on the supermini, for the first time in the model’s history, and as you can see in our picture the interior also boasts a new stereo, steering wheel and climate controls.

Diesel engine choices are expected to mirror the current car, with 1.6 and 1.2 TDIs available. However, there are rumours that the lower-powered 1.2-litre petrol engines could be replace by the 1.0-litre three-cylinder engines from the VW up!.

The Polo range is set to expand at the top end, too, with a new R version later this year. Inspired by VW’s success with the Polo in the 2013 World Rally Championship, it will be powered by a 250bhp 2.0 TSI engine sending power to all four wheels. Developed alongside the new Audi S1, we had the chance to drive the Polo R in prototype form in Sweden this week.

VW Polo R driven

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That the exterior changes are subtle goes without saying. Too subtle, if VW fan-boys allow me to speak my mind?
However what the Polo really needs is some decent engines. It is time for the VW to let the pesky little 1.2L RIP.

OMG, this is TOO exciting. These new Polos are so hot they're cool and so cool they're hot. I must get my hands on one of these bad boyz NOW!

Apologies for the overreaction. It was the three chrome slats instead of two that did it.

Umm guys this is Volkswagen. They are company that only do Subtle changes to cars if they even feel the need to facelift them at all. In my opinion the Polo is quite a handsome little car and this facelift hasn't changed that opinion. I do think however that the ageing gruff 1.2 could do with being replaced by the 1.0 Litre unit from the Up!

Its the same size as the Mk1 Golf but worse

LOL. Quite a bold move for VW though, changing the slat design on the lower grille. They really are pushing the boundries on this one!

Subtle? Unimaginative and lazy are truer descriptions. As long as the undemanding accept these little tweaklets as the biggest innovations since the Chrysler Airflow, VW will just sit back and admire the balance sheet.

I'm surprised they're bothering to facelift it at this late stage. Surely it can't be too long before the new model appears?

Yes I agree with the last comment after having 2 polo's, the 85 bhp 1.4,and the 103 bhp,1.2,over the last two years. Both engines lacking and poor mpg figures. The former felt very flat somewhat like a 2 stroke engine out of it's rev band, and the latter very grumpy above 75mph.Both now gone in favour of the much improved SEAT LEON 1.4 140 bhp. A terrific car. Very smooth and decent mpg 40 plus and choice of driving modes that actually work especially when in SPORT mode. Not unlike the acceleration of a few medium sized motorbikes. And still cheaper than the equivalent VW golfs. Depending on engine sizes, of course! So there we are. All this good advice for free whilst I had to pay the price for my non belief in a marque that wasn.t the VW Polo.