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Ford Service is here for you

The maintenance you need to help you and your vehicle get back on the road

Everyone’s keen to get moving again, and as you think about getting back on the road, ensuring your car is in tip-top condition to drive will be a priority.

And given how much we’ve come to appreciate home comforts this year, shouldn’t you let your car go home, too? No matter the age or model of your Ford, the best option for getting it serviced might be staring you in the face.

Get the specialist treatment

While you may be tempted to shop around for deals when it comes to servicing your vehicle, you should consider what will provide you with the best long-term value for money, and which service can help keep your car in top condition.

Ford servicing is carried out by Ford-trained technicians, using Ford original parts, meaning your car is in the hands of the experts who know what best for your car or commercial vehicle. You’ll also be recommended a servicing schedule specifically tailored to your vehicle, which helps minimise the risks of major repair expenses and can enhance the resale value.

If you have an older Ford model, you’re in safe hands. The Ford Essential Service, available at participating dealers, is designed specifically for older cars and commercial vehicles, and performed by Ford-trained technicians using Ford Motorcraft parts. It includes all the essential maintenance and checks, such as an oil and filter check, Ford Video Check and air or pollen filter change, and costs just £169 RRP at participating dealers.

A flexible, convenient service

It’s always nice to have a service that you can sort out from the comfort of your own home, but this year it’s more important than ever. Ford Service allows you to book your service online – which can be done quickly and easily in five simple steps using the Online Service Booking tool. This is made even easier by registering a Ford account or by using the FordPass app, which also gives you quick access to other Ford services.

There’s even a Collection and Delivery option where your participating Ford Dealer will pick up your car from your home, perform the service or MoT and bring it back to you once it’s ready. You’ll also receive an electronic digital service record for the life of the vehicle, so you don't need to visit the dealership to get your service book stamped. This is great news for anyone at home due to the current restrictions, who doesn’t want to have to wait to get their car serviced.

When you have any service or repair work, you’ll also receive a free Ford Video Check sent straight to your device, allowing you to see what your technician sees for added peace of mind. This includes a 30-point report of your Ford’s health, and while you’ll receive a quote for any work needed, you’re under no obligation to get it done.

If you’d rather oversee the servicing of your vehicle in person, there’s the option of Ford Mobile Service at participating dealers, allowing you to have your vehicle serviced at a location that suits you. In response to the current concerns and restrictions, Ford has introduced the Ford Care Code, a comprehensive range of measures including social distancing in dealerships, PPE and vehicle sanitisation.

Whether your Ford passenger car is just a few years old or you own a second- or even third-hand commercial vehicle, why would you not get your Ford serviced by those who know your car best? This winter, you can also save £20 on your Ford Scheduled or Ford Essential Service, or book a Ford Winter Check for £20 RRP when you book online using the code WINTER20*.

Discover more about Ford Service

*Retail customers at participating dealers only. Cannot be used with other Ford Promotions. Valid for services booked and completed on or before 31st Dec 2020. Visit for more info.

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