Audi A3 MPV shapes up

Audi A3 MPV
Credits: Christian Schulte
30 May, 2013 9:15am Jack Rix

An ultra-practical new Audi A3 MPV is on the way, and our exclusive image shows how it could look

Audi is readying a family-friendly MPV version of the A3 Sportback, but don’t expect frumpy styling and stodgy handling – it will be a true Audi in all respects. And our exclusive image shows how the more practical A3 will look.

Speaking to us recently, Audi’s R&D boss, Wolfgang Durheimer, told us: “I think there is definitely room for rational cars or family cars in the Audi line-up. But they have to be stylish, like any Audi.”

Audi’s original plan was to build a seven-seater ‘Superavant’ version of the next A4 to cater for more pragmatic customers, but that’s been shelved in favour of a smaller five-seater MPV.

It won’t have the market to itself, though. Premium compact MPVs are a growing trend in the industry, as demonstrated by the new Mercedes B-Class and the 2012 BMW Concept Active Tourer, which will spawn a production car in early 2014 – BMW’s first front-wheel-drive model.

The Audi will be based on a stretched version of the VW Group’s MQB platform – which underpins the rest of the A3 range – with a wheelbase about 200mm longer than the A3 Sportback’s.

A concept version is expected to emerge some time in 2014, and will join an expanded A3 family that includes three and five-door hatchbacks, as well as an A3 Saloon and Cabriolet.

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It looks like A3 living on junk food.

"Don't expect frumpy styling" So it is going to look completely different from all the generic designs Audi currently produce....

Better be better-looking than this lumpen thing then...


Cor, Audi build a Touran, I wonder how long it will be before the Skoda and Seat versions are released,

Exactly - Audi (VW Group) really have honed the art of the Emperors Clothes to a fine degree. And then we will have the MPV Sportline, S, RS, QS, QRS versions - excellent. To Audi, cars = white goods.