New Audi Q7 exclusive

5 Mar, 2013 10:16am Jack Rix

The new Audi Q7 will be first model to use the firm's all-new design language when it arrives in 2014

The next-generation Q7, due in 2014, will be the first Audi to use a brand-new design language, according to Audi’s head of design Wolfgang Egger. And to show how that new model could look, he even drew this pencil sketch during an interview at the Geneva Motor Show.

“We showed you in Paris with the Cross Coupe Concept the direction we are heading in,” Egger told us. “The idea is to make the single-frame grille more three-dimensional and play on the different materials used like aluminium and carbon-fibre – the Q7 will be the first to get this.”

Like the new Range Rover, the new seven-seater Q7 is set to go on a crash diet thanks to a new lightweight aluminium construction – and could weigh in at as much as 350kg less than the current car.

And it’s just the first in a wave of new SUV models from Audi: “I think there is still some room in the SUV segment, it’s still growing on a worldwide basis,” Wolfgang Durheimer, Audi’s new head of technical development told us last November. “So maybe there is room below the Q3 – there is also room between the other Q models for more derivatives of our bigger SUVs.”