New Audi Q7 spied

13 Nov, 2013 1:10pm Tom Phillips

Spy shots of new Audi Q7, a car that will lead Audi's expansion in the SUV market

The new Audi Q7, which is due to be launched in autumn next year, has been spied in testing. The car is expected to debut at the Paris Motor Show 2013, but these shots give a first glimpse at how the new model will look.

Although a new premium city car would boost Audi’s sales, profit margin at that end of the market is tight. So the brand’s real growth plans revolve around the expansion of its Q-badged family of SUVs – and this will be led by the new Q7.

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A company spokesman told us the arrival of Dr Ulrich Hackenberg as R&D boss has seen a shake-up of the future product portfolio, and that after the huge sales success of its SUVs the expansion of the Q range is a high priority.

The new Q7 will be introduced even though sales of the current car continue to grow – surprising for a model that’s now seven years old. Demand for the smaller Q5 is strong, too: Audi UK reports an eight-month waiting list for the SQ5.

In addition to the current range, the company plans a baby Q1, while a Q2 and Q6 have been signed off for launch in 2015 as Audi pushes for annual sales of two million cars. Boosting this bid for increased volumes will be a new TT and A4, due at March’s Geneva Motor Show.

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oh dear this looks vene more bulbouus and hippo like than the current one.. AUDi are really in same same dullsville rut design wise at the moment..apsrt from the R8 whcih is only intresting because of the great engine in the thing and soem pretty ok dynamics..what really is audi offeringa t the moment that remotley has a want factor

Oh dear. So this is what a whale looks like when it floats.

Sorry, I mean bloats. Not beautiful, is it?

Audi never quite got Q7 right, which is strange given the strong sales performance of their smaller SUV's. Doesn't look like this will change much.

Pavel Pavel Pavel, please, just don't, just, no.

Ahh! another coma inducing design from Audi!

Lmao looks like a jumped up AUDI A6