Test for Leaf buyers

Nissan Leaf
4 Jun, 2012 10:16am

NIssan Leaf-buyers in Australia must now take a suitability test

Electric car makers are desperate to get more UK buyers interested in their vehicles, but it’s different in Australia.

There, Nissan is turning away some customers who want to buy a Leaf, as it deems the car unsuitable for their needs.

Anyone interested has to pass a two-stage approval process before being issued with a certificate allowing them to buy the car from one of the company’s Leaf dealers. The tests include questions about how they intend to use the car and an assessment of their home’s electrical network.

James Staveley, Nissan Australia’s model line manager for the Leaf, said: “The majority of customers we’ve declined don’t have off-street parking, which we consider essential for a safe and convenient recharging environment.”

But he also explained that customers who said they regularly did long-distance journeys could be turned away, too.