Nissan Leaf price cut

23 Jan, 2013 10:06am Luke Madden

Nissan has reduced the price of its Leaf EV by £2,500, which means it's now available from £23,490

Nissan has reduced the price of the all-electric Leaf by £2,500, with the newly priced model available to order now.

That takes the price down from £30,990 to £28,490, but buyers are also eligible for a £5,000 government grant on EVs, which brings the final price-tag to £23,490. Buyers can also now drive a Leaf for £239 a month.

Standard equipment remains the same as ever, with sat-nav, a reversing camera, Bluetooth and keyless-go.

The new price comes ahead of the release of an updated Leaf later this year, which is expected to include some of the improvements seen on the US-market Leaf, such as a larger boot.

The updated Leaf will also likely form part of an expanded line-up, with an entry-level model costing around £20,000, the re-priced Leaf sitting in the middle and an even more expensive variant sitting at the top of the range. More details about the updated Leaf and the new range will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

The newly priced Leaf is available to order now, while the updated version will begin production at Nissan’s Sunderland, UK, plant in spring 2013.

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Nissan has reduced the price of its Leaf EV by £2,500, which means it's now available from £23,490

Email me when its down to £13,490.
I might take a look.

Getting down to the right sort of money now, I'd like to see one just creeping under the £20,000 mark. A joint approch with solar/energy companies to provide charging infrastructure would be nice to see too.

The slight increase in the range with the new model will bring is most welcome, once in place I'd be happy to buy one.

email reply ... ok it's called the renault zoe from 13,490 on sale in June 2013. Running costs are the same price as petrol, the more you drive the more you save!?! Without the hassle of driving to find a petrol station, as free 32A home chargers are installed with the car. On economy 7 it will cost 1.80-2.50 to drive 100 miles in a day. monthly battery warranty from 70 pcm, same price as petrol.