London Congestion Charge rules tightened

Congestion charge exempt
2 Jul, 2013 11:13am Jonathan Burn

Changes to the Congestion Charge mean that only full-electric and plug-in hybrid models are exempt

Legislation surrounding the London Congestion Charge has been tightened, bringing the exemption threshold for exemption down from 100g/km to 75g/km. That means that low-emitting models like the Toyota Prius, Smart ForTwo and Fiat 500 TwinAir are no longer free but full-electric cars like the Nissan Leaf and plug-in hybrids such as the Vauxhall Ampera, still are.

Following the new legislation, Nissan decided to emphasise its advantage with a well thought-out marketing stunt. It paraded a skip filled with previously expempt cars, bearing the slogan "Skip the Congestion Charge", around the capital.

Nissan claims the Leaf could cover up to 500 miles – more than four complete circuits of the M25 – for the price of a single day’s congestion charge. What’s more, London now has the largest on-street charging network anywhere in Europe, with over 1,300 charging points, making ownership of an electric car a more viable option.

Other cars that are still congestion charge exempt include a host of Renault models, including the ZOE, Fluence, Kangoo Z.E and Twizy. Options from other manufactures are also available and comprise of vehicles such as the Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid, Vauxhall Ampera, and Chevrolet Volt, while the upcoming Porsche Panamera e-Hybrid is also set to be exempt.

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Got a big excuse now for not going to London

Nothing to do with environmental conditions like the whole purpose of the congestion charge was supposed to be then eh.
Its now just a cash cow that wasn't making enough so change the limits, bet those people who have just ordered a car that will meet the old limits are very happy right now!

Saying that, its still cheaper than the train from up north! I booked a last min ticket the other day from Sheffield to London, over £200. I could have driven there and back, paid the congestion charge and use the bus lanes as my own private track and it still be cheaper than the train.

Just like speed cameras, an easy way to tax motorists.

We had a bill for non payment of the congestion charge & for stopping in a box junction in London, unfortunately for the imbeciles running this money raising racket, the car wasn't anywhere near London & we had the proof too. The car was my fathers who was in hospital for a serious illness.

Still calling it a 'Congesting Charge' is laughable. It's just a thinly disguised tax revenue stream - Boris, you would so love to be seen as the green environmental guy but mate, we can see straight through you....pathetic

Don't watch that a few years ago a German guy reported it cost more to take a one-way train from London to Manchester than to take a return flight from Germany.
Now we are choking in London on Nox because idiots with political axes to grind decide transport policies and have found C02 a much better way to screw the general public as buses and taxi's are diesel and great producers of Nox. Now they want to screw everyone except the wealthy who can afford the 3.0 litre plus engines (and the show room tax) and won't care, in fact if you can get the plebs off the road (and screw them again with the price of london transport) all the better, I'm just glad i have not tried to get on the bandwagon as I knew they would move the goal post once the congestion busting cars got onto the S/H market...its those plebs again I'm afraid.

Had to go into London in May to pick up a visa for my daughter. It was quicker, cheaper and easier to drive in and out than for my wife and I to buy a one day travel card. This was even including the congestion charge and the parking costs.

Tuning up the milk the motorist machine.

Soon as you buy an expensive new low g/km car, its out of date within 6 months just like computers.

Government moves the g/km tax milk/mug the motorist tax raising revenue goalposts again, so you still end up paying as much as you were paying in that old car you just got rid off.

ISTR it was Red Ken who got the CC pushed thru.. But then, I've got a Volt, so I don't really care lol