Nissan X-Trail 2014 teaser

2 Sep, 2013 12:24pm Luke Madden

The new Nissan X-Trail will debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show, featuring seven seats and an all-new platform

The new Nissan X-Trail looks set to be introduced at the Frankfurt Motor Show later this month, following a teaser shot released by Nissan.

Nissan X-Trail review

We’ve previously heard rumours that the X-Trail would debut in Frankfurt and this production-ready-looking headlight teaser has all but confirmed it. It clearly borrows inspiration from the Hi-Cross concept that was seen at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, featuring the same LED light signature and a chromed ‘U’ in the centre of the grille holding the Nissan badge.

Nissan has previously told us that the X-Trail will use the same platform as the next-generation Qashqai. Shared with alliance partner Renault, it’s called the Common Modular Family platform and it’ll underpin 11 future Renaults including the Espace, the Scenic and Laguna.

The X-Trail is predicted to be a seven-seater, which will allow Nissan to discontinue the Qashqai+2 model and use the X-Trail as its replacement. Nissan will also be hoping to make it less rugged and with more of an on-road bias in an attempt to attract more sales.

Following its unveil in Frankfurt, expect the new X-Trail to go on sale early in 2014. Prices will kick off at around £27,000. 

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Hope it doesn't go the way of the Honda CR-V - from square-cut load-lugger to overstyled xover.

Hmm, "Nissan will also be hoping to make it less rugged and with more of an on-road bias". Are the current and previous versions off-road biased? Not to my knowledge.

I like the Nissan X-Trail 2014 Teaser and looking foward to seeing more in Auto Express

More boring junk from Sunderland, inspired by the creme-broulet snail-lickers from Paris....

£27k for a darn Nissan/Re-NOT? No thank you - you can pick up an X5 for that money.

You really do talk a lot of s**t dont you? The Nissan X Trail is built in Japan not Sunderland!....What an idiot LOL