Volkswagen Polo updates

3 Apr, 2013 3:25pm Jordan Bishop

VW has tweaked the Polo range, and introduced a sporty but cheap-to-insure R-Line Style model

Several changes have been made to the Volkswagen Polo line-up. At the top of the range, the SEL, R-Line, BlueGT and GTI models will in future be fitted with cruise control and rear parking sensors as standard, with no increase to the overall cost. The BlueMotion and Match trim levels also benefit from these extras, as well as an alarm, but with a slight price increase of £135. 

In addition, a new mid-range model has been introduced, intended to entice younger drivers with a more accessible price tag and insurance premiums. The R-Line Style combines the sportier design of its namesake, the R-Line, with the equipment and engines of the Polo S trim level upon which it is based.

Crucially, in using the smaller 59bhp 1.2-litre engine or 69bhp 1.2-litre unit of the Polo S, the Polo R-Line Style fits into the lower insurance categories 5E and 8E respectively, and is just over £3,500 cheaper than the R-Line which is available only with a 104bhp 1.4 TSI engine. Polo believes this latest version will appeal directly to the needs of its younger clientele.

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The competition must be making inroads I suppose.

One of the most intelligently crafted and accurate informative articles I've come across to date, transforming the at best mildly interesting changes to the Polo into something that seems like it could be entertaining to me. Who is this world-class Mr Bishop and where has he been hiding? I should like to hear from both his superb opinions and conclusional talents again.

The Polo still isn't great value as Volkswagen charge a premium for the badge. I think young drives (of which I am one) are more likely to be drawn to the similar SEAT Ibiza as that's where I can get more for my money.

But maybe he should check his facts first: The Polo R-Line is fitted with a 1.2tsi engine, not a 1.4 as stated. And one change VW should have brought in is to make the 1.2tsi more available throughout the trim levels, rather than just on two of the pricier models. Seat and Skoda feature it lower down the range.