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Vicki Butler-Henderson

Vicki Butler-Henderson is a self-confessed speed queen, having raced 100c karts from the age of 12, and all manner of cars from 17.

She landed her dream job as a Road Tester for Auto Express magazine before switching the keyboard for a microphone to present BBC’s Top Gear. She then went on to establish Fifth Gear, which continues to thrive today.

Her current four-wheeled stable reflects her broad appreciation of things with an engine, and includes a Porsche 911 GT3 (997), a Ducati Monster motorbike and a pair of Fords – Gran’s old Mk1 Fiesta, and a 2021 Kuga plug-in hybrid. 

She is constantly scanning the used car market for her next addition.

"Own a car? Now's the time to sell it"
Opinion new and used cars

"Own a car? Now's the time to sell it"

These are strange times in the car market but Vicki Butler-Henderson thinks car sellers who can should take advantage
20 Dec 2021