Cheap cars 2016: the cheapest new cars on sale now

Dacia Sandero - front tracking
24 Nov, 2015 8:00am Steve Walker

We explore world of the very cheap car, identifying the cheapest new cars on sale and revealing wether or not they’re worth buying

Many of us have learned the hard way that you get what you pay for, especially with secondhand cars. Something that may look good on paper may turn out to be a nightmare when you look a bit harder. So is a cheap new car a better bet?

That elderly £500 part-exchange slowly disintegrating at the back of your local dealer’s forecourt is a million miles away from the cheap new cars we’re looking at here. These are modern, factory fresh machines sold by main franchised dealerships with long manufacturer warranties so the eye-opening price tags don’t have to be treated with the same high levels of caution. 

Most economical cars

Of course, the cheapest new cars are also in a completely different financial ballpark to the cheapest used cars. Rather than a few hundred quid, you’re going to need a good £6,000 to buy the cheapest new cars in the UK and as a result, these models come burdened by a completely different set of expectations. 

Renault Twizy front cornering

Manufacturers will often position an entry-level new car as a lure to tempt customers through the showroom doors and into the clutches of the sales team. Once they’ve been treated to a complimentary coffee and an armful of glossy brochures, punters aiming to buy cheap can then be expertly edged up the model heirachy to something far more salubrious, and expensive. 

Cheapest cars to run

To achieve those low sticker prices, cheap new cars are often stripped of everything bar the basics and they’ll sometimes feel a little low-rent next to more expensive versions of the same car just a few steps up the trim ladder. Many buyers will happily put-up with some blanked-out buttons, downmarket trim finishes or even an asthmatic engine but others will see the extra outlay needed to secure a few more creature comforts as money well spent. Either way, the cheap car’s head-turning sticker price has done its job.

In many instances, the biggest challenge facing cars at the cheap end of the market is the existence of used alternatives offering more kit, a better engine and, often, a more desirable badge for the same money. Again, many people will rather sink their cash into an apparently better car with a few thousand miles on the clock but the appeal of a brand new model with a full warranty and finance facilities not always open to used car buyers is still strong.

So, we’ve gauged the enduring appeal of the cheap car, now let’s get down to business. What are the cheapest new cars currently on sale in the UK?

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Suzuki Celerio - front cornering

Top 5 cheapest cars 2016

  1. 1. Dacia Sandero - £5,995
  2. 2. Renault Twizy - £6,895
  3. 3. Dacia Logan - £6,995
  4. 4. Vauxhall Viva - £7,995
  5. 5. Suzuki Celerio - £7,999

Cheap new cars: the best of the rest...

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