Best used cars to buy - 2014 Used Car Awards

17 Dec, 2014 3:30pm

We round up Britain's best used cars, with used car prices and the top cheap used cars for all budgets

Getting a great deal on a car can be as simple as buying second-hand - you'll get a lot more for your money if you go for a used buy. But which models are right for you, and which are a wise investment? Find out with our comprehensive set of guides, summed up on this page.

There are so many types of car to choose from, but thankfully we've picked the top choices from 16 classes in our Used Car Awards. The winners in each category are the best used cars to buy in the UK, but there's always something to be said for an alternative choice so we've thrown some of those in, too. 

Check out the links below or in the menu box to the left to find, among others, our lists of the best small used cars, the best used family cars and estates, plus the best used SUVs.

All the top premium brands in the UK - like Audi, BMW, Volvo and Mercedes - are included in our round-up, as well as favourites from brands like Ford, Vauxhall, Volkswagen, Hyundai and Mazda.

We've also got some bonus categories for you this year, including our overall used car of the year, plus some models that could even start to increase in value - and even a fun list of our team's fantasy favourites.

Just click the used car categories to get started...

• Best used car: Vauxhall Insignia
• Best used city cars
• Best used superminis
• Best used premium small cars
• Best used small family cars
• Best used family cars
• Best used estate cars
• Best used MPVs
• Best used crossovers
• Best used SUVs
• Best used executive cars
• Best used luxury cars
• Best used convertibles
• Best used sports cars
• Best used hot hatchbacks
• Ones that could make you money
• Our used car Christmas list

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Lately I've bought my next car, second in family, for my wife. I found great page called WheelDeal where I found best car for her, and it is actually one of the best cars we ever had. And the transaction was very clear and nice.

My wife bought a second hand Hyundai Accent. Now she sleeps in a single bed, has 2568 cats, does the crossword and talks to herself quite a lot.

This article should have been called "Cheapest Used Cars". The Audi A1 didn't make it on to this list, which with it's incredibly brilliant TFSI engine, immense handling and more than reasonable price tag - should have been the best car in both the Small Premium Car and Hot Hatch categories.

I'm sorry, but the Citroen DS3 is NOT a premium car. It's SH** in every sense of the word. The clutch is like burying a basket of bricks, the brakes are spongey, the suspension is roll-y, the engine pulls about as hard as a knackered donkey, the interior quality is grim and frankly - low quality, the seats are uncomfortable and the cabin is generally just a depressing place to sit.

I'm actually shocked at this list of cars - in every single category, there are huge mistakes in choices for BEST used cars - as for it being the best list of CHEAPEST used cars... it's fine.