BMW X4 exclusive

1 Feb, 2012 11:00am Damion Smy

Exclusive images reveal how the sporty new BMW X4 could look, as BMW sets its sights on the Evoque

BMW is getting ready to take on the Range Rover Evoque with the latest addition to its SUV range, and we’ve got the pictures to prove it.

This is the X4, and our exclusive images – produced using inside information – show how it will look when it rolls off the same US production line as the X3, X5 and X6 in 2014.

The car clearly takes styling cues from the latter, while our images also show unique lights and bumpers front and rear, as well as a distinctive grille and alloy wheel designs. Plus, a swooping, X6-like roofline blends into a bolder, more athletic rear end.

The X4 will share its platform with the X3, and is essentially a sportier version of that car – just as the X6 is a racier take on the X5.

The newcomer will inherit the X3’s engine range, which currently comprises three diesels mated to six-speed manual or eight-speed auto gearboxes. Trim levels will be consistent with the X3, too, and the car will come with Auto Hold, stop-start and sat-nav with traffic management.

As well as rivalling the Evoque, the X4 will take on the forthcoming Q6 and Cajun models being co-developed by Audi and Porsche.

The diesel-only engine range is sure to benefit from tuning under BMW’s M Performance brand (below), with the top-spec X4 the most likely candidate. This model’s engine will deliver 308bhp and 630Nm of torque as in the X3 xDrive 35d.

Prices for the standard X4 are  likely to start from £32,000.

This page was updated with the full story on 8 February 2012.

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Yet another hideous BMW, i know sales are going up but WHY, there cars these days are so awful, are they selling them to the visually challenged..... maybe the designers need to go to specsavers

Agreed, it's pretty revolting. It's potential competition the RR Evoque is a huge step forwards for design. this is one giant leap backwards.

who in the world would like to get one?
This is even uglier than the Ssangyong Actyon and ofcourse about triple its price. Way to go BMW!! Lethal combination!
But its not the German's fault. Its us who are willing to digest every rubbish they throw at us and even pay a bundle for it because they have the propeler badge outfront!
Need to remind the stylish!! X1, X6 and their latest monster creature GT??
I bet the Germans have plenty of our money now and they can afford to waist a few. At the end its our money, so why should they care?

what can you say , certainly nothing polite

I agree with all the above. Since Bangle arrived it's gone from bad to worse. I've kept my 3 series Coupe since 2001 because I'm waiting for a decent looking BMW to replace it. Looking at the X4, the overall shape is ok but the grills are all wrong. It looks like a 'piggy' nose, the grills are too big - same on the new 1 series, the X1 and X3. I had hope, when I saw the new 3 series, let's hope they don't do this front on the Coupe when it eventually arrives.

I've just looked at the photo of the rear end!!!! Looks like it's been rear-ended on the way to the photo shoot!!!

BMW used to be & i say used to be good looking cars but now they seem to style all of the range to look like the rest of the range,in other words crap,KIA & Hyundai style their cars better.BMW,best motor in te world ?? Blind Mans Wheels more like it. I agree with all the other comments too !

I think it looks alright to me, but then again the Evoque is different/unique so the X4 will need to be special. The X6 I am told never sold big numbers so it's a brave move for BMW to put an X4 in. I suspect it will sell if they put the engone from the X3 2.0d in it as I have driven the new X3 and it's very impressive for such a small unit. This X4 will turn heads, but will it like the RR will? Will a BMW owner want it to? I'm not sure, but the new X3 is massively better than the older model and although BMW looks have changed, I think they needed to. Don't get me wrong, I do like BMW's of old (and still adore the E46 M3 CSL) but when you see the older 2010 3 series next to the new 2012 one , it looks really dated. Only my opinion, don't shout at me...

If you read the text, this is Auto Express's 'produced using inside information', this is their interpretation and not the real photos. While there are definite non-lookers (5GT) in the range, X3 is a real good looking SAV. Not exciting like an Alfa, but good looking.

no further comment

No, not BMW... All the haters that continue to predict the demise of BMW because of design that THEY don't like (Oh and the fact that they can't own a presige (or any) car until they leave school!)

One plonker even says that sales will likely go up! Calling the people who buy BMW "Visually Challenged". Well, as they sell so well and HOLD THIER VALUE way more than almost any other marque, I gues you guys should be looking at yourselves... Stop being so myopic!

Kinda like the guy who gets cancer and goes to 20 different doctors who all tell him the same.. The 21st tells him he doesn't have it and so that is the one he believes... He's not right and neither are the BMW haters on here... Suck it up, guys! ha ha ha

I sat in Evoque - it looks good from the outside, but inside it is very small and view is very much obstructed - VW Polo is better for that. I obviously did not sat in X4, but drove X3 - brilliant car inside, nothing to compare to the Evoque. Styling is a matter of taste, but comparing X3 to the Evoque it is just like choosing styling over substance (if you do not like x3 styling). As with most bmw, they look much better than on pics. Evoque has no chance - may sell well in the UK, bot not outside it.

Then I could buy something else. This is hideous. I just cannot fathom the appeal of BMWs. I have driven a 3 series and been in a 5 series and they do not impress.

There is nothing 'exclusive' about this. It's a photoshop for fu*ks sake!! Take a BMW X3, photoshop it, publish it as an 'exclusive' image.

Cue all the total morons on this site to comment about how it's hideous - it will be ! AE aren't car designers.

Take a look at every single pervious 'exclusive' image or 'new xxxxxxxx revealed' and I think you'll find they look NOTHING like the finished article.

Maybe just maybe AE should stop all this nonsense as it is just plain irritating to read this sh1te!

Strange that BMW seem to want to produce ugly looking motors these days. They have the technology and comfort and then spoil it with the front grill and headlight configuration!! Oh I forgot throw in the rude dealer customer service and you are sorted. I think they need to get the Range Rover designers on this one!

That front end freaks me out somehow - it looks like something out of the "Cars" animation. I think it needs eyelashes - yes thats it - eyelashes!

Everyone is entitled to their opinions and I respect that fact. This is a forum and people are entitled to say what they feel on the subject. But calling someone a 'hater', 'moron' or 'myopic' for their comments is deeply unpleasant. They are my opinions - they are not not facts. I am as much entitled to share them here as you. It's not a personal attack.

mooney058 - I have driven a RR Evoque and found it to be very spacious given I am 6 feet tall. Plus for your info the Evoque is selling very well all over the world, not just the UK.

On the X4, I think BMW vehicle are great to drive but I wish they put some flare back into the design. Sooner or later people will want something different, not just the same old boring design language!!

I completely agree with brw88.
Report actual facts, something we may find interesting.
Instead of being a weekly mag, try being a bi-weekly mag, that way you might actually be able to report a truth once in a while.

Why do people spend their money on these over-rated, over-priced monstrocities? I'd rather spend the same amount on a better looking, better built car. Another pile of dog crap with a BMW badge stuck on it for shallow people with inferiority complexes!

All the ''must have'' GOBSH-TES will really look well in this one outside the phone shop waiting to queue for the latest i-phone.

What's the current German obsession with coupe's at the moment? OK, certain cars suit the look, like the Audi A5, but are practically unuseable as the doors are too big, but other cars, like the X6 & X4 just look silly, & if the X4 is an attempt to grab Evoke sales, they'll have to do a lot better than that. I know Auto Express will present it as "more capable" "better built" etc etc yawn, but whatever excuse they come up with, the X4 will be overpriced, overrated & over here, as well as being as ugly as it looks in their predicded images. Fact is, the Evoke is the best looking car that anyone has produced since the AM DB9 & also fact is that it out performs anything even close.... bring it on BMW, your car will be 2 years too late & won't come close...... having said that, there will be plenty of narrow minded people who will buy it, just as it has BMW written on it , good luck to them, but no Cigar.....

actually i think it looks like Churchill, from the car insurance ads on TV???

LOOL what a dumb looking SUV... Of course BMW will want a slice of the Evoque cake..NO doubts BMW's SUV's are losing sales to it

This has got an uglier ass than my 16 stone landlady

Another 'exclusive' from AE. You guys really are the pits whne it comes to new models. You know nothing.

Hideous! BMW have truly lost the plot with all these botox injected, steroid boosted American orientated 4x4's.