BMW X4 confirmed

23 Nov, 2012 3:16pm Luke Madden

BMW has confirmed that the new X4 crossover will debut in concept form at the Detroit Motor Show

BMW has confirmed it will introduce the X4 crossover next year, with the car debuting in concept form at the Detroit Motor Show in January.

Ian Robertson, member of the board of management at BMW, said: “We’ve got the X6, X5, X3 and the X1, and we will have an X4 in the very near future.”

The new model is based on the same platform as the X3 but will be a four-seater with a more coupe-like profile. It’s just like the relationship between the X5 and the X6.

The newcomer will be available with all of the same engines as the X3, so that means a diesel only line-up. Kicking it off is a 141bhp 2.0-litre diesel, with a 309bhp 3.0-litre diesel topping the range.

When the X4 goes on sale late in 2013 it will be priced just above the X3, so expect to see a price tag of around £30,000.

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What next X2, X7, X8, X9 ? just to complete the numbers, and probably an entry level X0 for 17 year old badge snobs wannabes.

There's no exclusivity to BMW's anymore.. just another mass producing car manufacturer with great marketing !

FInally somebody WHO UNDERSTANDS PREMIUM!!! what is the point of bunch of pointless models??? i know, the money but calling yourself premium is just stupid!!!

Just another useless pointless niche vehicle, where no niche exists. And just another 'chopped' X3, with a stupid acronym. Pray tell, what is a crossover vehicle? A poxxy car for cross dressers? Or its capable of 'crossing' something? Who the hell cares. Is there no end to the gross 'fear and greed' appalling business plan at BMW, to relieve real dumb punters of their cash? Heartily agree with Michael, except for 'great marketing'. I'd call their confused marketing a snow job for dummies. Why dont the Brandt family take their ill gotten fortunes out of car making, give us all a break, and let the legitimate makers, with morals, as distinct from BMW's total lack of them, provide cars.

A Crossover vehicle is a 4x4 lookalike that does not have the expensive and heavy 4x4 running gear. so you get the looks, higher up driving position and a much easier vehicle to get in and out of for people like myself that have back issues. If there is no niche for them they would not sell. Each to his own the extra choice a crossover gives me is a welcome one previously it was people carriers or 4x4's only.

I've been waiting for this car to replace my beloved BMW-530da for more than a year. Was expecting they add a "future-proof" Plug In Hybrid with a BIG Battery like in Tesla Model X, adding a non-tracting Range Extender... Deception.