First production Nissan Juke-R completed

16 Oct, 2012 2:58pm Tom Phillips

Production version of the £400,000 Nissan Juke-R is ready for delivery

This is the first production version of the Nissan Juke-R; Nissan’s bonkers cross between the Juke crossover and high-performance GT-R.

The Juke-R started life as a one-off concept, shown in Dubai in January 2012. Since then, thanks to interest from customers and more than five million views of the Juke-R video on YouTube, Nissan has begun a small production run of the super-crossover.

All Juke-Rs are built by motorsport specialists RML in the UK, using the Nissan GT-R’s 3.8-litre V6 engine, four-wheel drive system and suspension.

The Juke-R’s engine develops 545bhp - 2bhp more than the GT-R - but its top speed is a little lower than the GT-R’s 196mph, at 170mph. Both cars complete the 0-62mph sprint in just 3.0 seconds.

For the production model, Nissan’s European design centre in London has redesigned the Juke-R’s bumpers and side sills and added more carbon trim.

Inside, the blend of GT-R and Juke continues, with a mix of parts from both cars, while all Juke-Rs are also fitted with a full FIA-specification roll-cage.

As you’d expect for such a limited-run, high-performance model, the Juke-R doesn’t come cheap, with prices starting from £400,000 – or the equivalent of five GT-Rs, with change for a top-spec Juke on the side.

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$400k for a Renault derived car?

Juke? It should be called Joke, or Junk. Or Both. Seriously, what utter tool would pay that amount of money for a POS car like this instead of an Aventador or some other supcar....and have money left over.

Pure retardedness...

people who already have an aventador, and a veyron, and a FF and many range rovers and a garage bigger than your estate...

What an absolute dog! I'd rather have an std, a lobotomy and walk barefoot on glass than be seen within a calendar month of one of these hideous things. Looks just like a Proton Satria GTi from the 90's! Probably be recalled several times a year aswell....

love the idea and and got no doubt it would great fun but i just cant see the £400k , or am i just jealous i'll never have a house for £400,000 yet alone a nissan juke!!!

Cool car. Crazy price.

Butt ugly car. Stupid price.

At £4000,000 they'll be loads of oil rich Arabs queing up to buy the Nissan Joke!

The only retarded thing on this page is your knowledge of the Juke-R. The car has nothing to do with all!!

I think this is great and would buy one, nothing can touch you lmao it's bonkers !!!

I would opt for an Aston and have plenty of money left over for women and booze.

1. They are probably already all sold. 2. Will look a nice car when they get some paint on it 3. I'd have 5 GT-R's any day for a display of gross wealth.