Nissan Juke facelift spied

3 Feb, 2014 1:12pm Jack Rix

Updated Nissan Juke spotted for the first time with significant styling changes at the front and back

Nissan is preparing to launch a facelifted version of the trendsetting Juke crossover, and these spy shots are the first time we've seen it in the flesh. Given the timing of these photos it seems likely that the new Juke will be shown at the Geneva Motor Show next month, and go on sale soon after. 

Judging by our pictures, Nissan hasn't tinkered too much with the Juke's radical styling. At the front end the distinctive two-piece headlight arrangement is carried over, although the bumper and grille appear to have been reshaped. A bolder chrome 'V', to match the new NIssan Qashqai, is expected, while the 'wine rack' lower grille has been smoothed out.

At the rear the boomerang-shaped tailights can clearly be seen through the camouflage, above a subtly reshaped rear bumper. Without any interior shots, it's impossible to say which changes have been applied inside, but expect higher quality materials and an upgraded infotainment system with a larger touch screen from the new Qashqai.  

Revised engines from the Qashqai are expected to be carried over to the Juke, too. The biggest-seller will undoubtedly be the 108bhp 1.5 dCi with CO2 emissions well below 100g/km, but the biggest change will be a 113bhp 1.2-litre turbocharged petrol to replace the old 1.6-litre unit.  

To coincide with the facelift, Nissan will also add a new range-topping Juke Nismo RS model. Expect power to climb from 197bhp in the standard Juke Nismo to 212bhp with a 0-62mph time of around 7.5 seconds. 

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I saw a woman in one of these at a crossing in the village where i live and actually burst out laughing at how hideous the car was! She was not impresed! Keep the disguise on, it will save our children the nightmares of seeing one uncovered!

Nissan have been bold and I see a lot of Jukes on the road. I didn't like it at first but it is beginning to grow one me. It's more shocking and extreme than unattractive in the way the Multipla was. I guess many in the UK are just too constrained in their thinking though.

Pretty rude and infantile behaviour at the crossing.

You really are a beauty 'Skudfan'! You get very annoyed with people who criticise your beloved Skoda and seize on every negative comment people leave, yet I notice you like dishing the dirt where it suits you. I don't own a Nissan, but maybe one day the guys at Skoda might grow a pair and start producing bold cutting edge cars like the Juke, Qashqai, 370Z and GTR. But that will be the day when pigs start taking off from Heathrow! BTW, If I saw someone drive a Skoda through the village where I live I would likely take a bout of narcolepsy since Skoda's are so tedious and boring!

Please, please, please Nissan get rid of the nauseating leather smell for the new model. Everytime I sit in my Mother in Law's Juke I want to be sick, apart from that, it's alright.

Get over it. Can't exactly call the Qashqai cutting edge -Yeti has beaten it every year since launch. The head designer at Skoda is actually the guy who designed the Veyron. That still looks timeless and elegant. So do most of the VW Groups products.

It was actually not rude or infantile, it was my initial reaction to seing such a disgusting looking thing.

As someone who feels the need to laugh at passing cars I would suggest you need to get over some issues you obviously have! LOL, you have mentioned on previous posts about 'the guy who designed the Veyron being a Skoda designer' (your lines are becoming repetitive!) Are you seriously comparing Skoda design with a Bugatti because you have just given me the biggest laugh. And how has the stodgy Yeti beaten the Qashqai??!! The mk1 was a complete runaway sales success and a class leader right to the end and the new mk2 has just won 'What Car Car of The Year 2014! Skoda with their dull souless 'white goods' are nowhere near...just look at a Rapid or a Fabia or an Octavia or a Superb and tell me these are cutting edge exciting products. Would anyone other than a taxi driver or anyone under 60 or anyone with a pulse actually want one of these Czech boxes?

But as a Skoda fan your views on car design are irrelevant since Skodas are (and always were) awful Eastern European cars for cheapskates.

What's your beef with Skoda. They are good cars, sober-looking, but exstremely good. The Juke (puke, joke, call it what you want), is fugly.

I dont think the Juke needs much more than a nip and tuck, and maybe some new colours and wheel designs to keep it looking good. Some better materials inside would be appreciated, and the new 1.2 turbo (hopefully 6 speed) will be welcome to replace the thirsty and noisy 1.6 petrol.