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Peugeot 308 SW - tyre
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Tyre pressure, speed rating and depth explained

Maintain your tyres and you'll reap the benefits with an improved drive and lower running costs. We explain all
27 Mar 2020
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How to scrap your car, and get the best price

How to scrap or recycle your car, and what prices to expect from the scrap yard
24 Mar 2020
Nissan Leaf - Long termer plugging in
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Electric cars produce less CO2 than petrol equivalents

Study shows electric cars produce less lifetime CO2 than their petrol equivalents, both globally and in individual countries
24 Mar 2020
Kia Niro long-term - petrol station
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UK petrol and diesel prices: supermarkets slash prices by 12p a litre

Asda and Morrisons slash prices in wake of record fall in oil prices
23 Mar 2020
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Rejecting a new or used car: your car consumer rights explained

What if your dream car turns into a nightmare? If you bought from a dealership, you have various protections but the nuclear option is to reject the c…
23 Mar 2020
Tips & advice

Should you buy or lease your new car?

Should you buy or lease your new car? That is the big question facing millions of people who are eyeing up a new set of wheels, we talk you through th…
19 Mar 2020
Dartford Crossing bridge
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Dartford Crossing toll: follow our guide and avoid a fine!

Read our complete Dartford Crossing guide for when and how to pay the charge, along with guidance on appealing a fine
18 Mar 2020

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Company car tax guide 2019/2020: everything you need to know

Strict new emissions tests will affect how much company car tax we pay. Here we look at how the system is changing
17 Mar 2020

Drones and e-scooters to be tested by Government in major UK cities

Government to spend £90 million on three new future transport zones, where innovations such as drones and e-scooters will be tested.
16 Mar 2020

Government renews but reduces grants for home and workplace EV chargers

People and businesses installing EV chargers will be able to claim grants for another year, but at reduced rates
13 Mar 2020
Budget 2011 coverage

Budget 2020: fuel duty frozen, plug-in car grant extended, transport investments announced

No rise in fuel duty, continuation of plug-in car grant, plus extra funding for building roads and filling potholes.
12 Mar 2020
smart motorway

Dynamic smart motorways axed

Review into smart motorways results in dynamic hard shoulders being scrapped in favour of permanent all-lane running roads.
12 Mar 2020
Pavement parking

Consultation to be held into banning pavement parking

The Department for Transport has announced a consultation into banning drivers from parking on pavements
12 Mar 2020

Drivers could pay £2,135 a year in road tax

Treasury plots retrospective VED hikes as Government wants to link annual road tax system for cars registered since April 2017 to CO2 emissions
11 Mar 2020

E10 petrol to be UK standard by 2021, but won’t work in older cars

Government consultation has launched on making E10 petrol with 10% ethanol the default unleaded grade
10 Mar 2020
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Councils blame growing number of cars for worsening road conditions

Over 3.6 million new cars were registered between 2009 and 2019, contributing to congestion, poor road conditions and air quality
9 Mar 2020

Over three million dash cams helping convict dangerous drivers

More than three million UK motorists now have dash cams fitted to their cars, footage from which is helping convict dangerous drivers
9 Mar 2020
Traffic jam
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Traffic jams cost the UK £6.9bn last year

The UK economy lost £6.9bn because of congestion in 2019, with drivers in London spending an average of 149 hours stuck in traffic
9 Mar 2020
Nissan Sunderland

Nissan invests £400m in Sunderland plant

Nissan’s investment in its Sunderland factory includes a £52m extra-large press line in preparation for new Qashqai production
6 Mar 2020
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Newcastle tops list of worst cities for unfair parking tickets

Newcastle is the worst city in the UK for unfair parking tickets, with 66 per cent of appeals proving successful
2 Mar 2020
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Number of supermarket EV chargers doubles in two years

More than 600 supermarkets in the UK now offer electric vehicle charging facilities, with a total of 1,115 chargers between them
29 Feb 2020
Breathalysers compulsory in France
Consumer news

France set to scrap breathalyser laws in 2020

Motorists driving in France used to have to carry two breathalysers, but this law has now been repealed by the French Parliament
27 Feb 2020
car tax calculator
Consumer news

VED road tax: how much does it cost?

Confused by VED road tax? Our comprehensive guide explains how much you'll pay on your next car
26 Feb 2020
Drink Drive
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Drink-driving deaths at same level as 2010

Provisional figures from the Department for Transport show there’s been no overall reduction in annual drink-driving deaths since 2010
12 Feb 2020
Hyundai Kona Electric charging
Consumer news

Future of electric car grant in doubt

Ministers warn incentives must offer “value for money for the taxpayer”, and “we think there’s a better way of doing it”
7 Feb 2020
Hyundai Kona Electric Premium SE - long term first report front tracking
Consumer news

Twice as many drivers plan to buy an all-electric car next

Twice as many drivers are planning on an electric car next, although most people want a minimum range of 368 miles first
31 Jan 2020
NIssan Qashqai plant, factory, build, plant, sunderland
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UK car, van and engine production figures plummet

A perfect storm of issues sees UK vehicle and engine manufacturing a experience “gravely concerning” decline
30 Jan 2020
M6 motorway traffic
Consumer news

Smart motorways explained

Smart motorways are meant to be a cost-effective way of increasing road capacity, but they’ve made headlines for the wrong reasons
29 Jan 2020
Tax disc
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Number of enforcement actions for untaxed vehicles doubles

More than 1.2 million enforcement actions were issued for untaxed vehicles in 2019
28 Jan 2020
Smoking in cars
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Less children exposed to cigarette smoke

Smoking in the car with children was banned in 2015; research shows this has led to a 4.1% decrease in children exposed to cigarette smoke
28 Jan 2020
Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross long-term - final report car seat
Consumer news

A fifth of parents don’t put children in child seats

Concerns after a high proportion of parents and grandparents say they don’t always use child seats for youngsters
25 Jan 2020
Child seat booster seat car seat
Consumer news

UK child car seat, booster seat and baby seat laws explained

If you want to fit a child seat, baby seat or booster to your car, check out our UK baby seat law guide
24 Jan 2020
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Pothole-related breakdowns increased 20 per cent in Q4 2019

RAC patrols saw a 20 per cent increase in pothole-related breakdowns in 2019’s winter months compared with the same period in 2018
15 Jan 2020
Carlos Ghosn
Consumer news

Carlos Ghosn pleads his innocence

After arriving in Lebanon following his escape from Japan, Carlos Ghosn speaks publicly for the first time
8 Jan 2020