Best luxury cars

Mercedes S-Class Hybrid
21 Jul, 2015 4:00pm Steve Walker

Relax - here are ten of our favourite luxury cars, from Rolls-Royce to Lexus

Nearly all car manufacturers want customers to feel like their cars are luxurious, but only a select few models can really be called luxury cars.

It's hard to define what a luxury car is, but most will agree that it comes down to a combination of quality interior materials, refinement, on-board equipment, ride comfort and, of course, a huge price tag.

So which luxury cars are the best ones to buy? It can be a hard one to work out, but luckily here at Auto Express we've driven all the latest models and we can give you a helping hand. We've run through the top models on the market to put together our official top ten.

It's not just saloon cars on our list - SUVs and performance cars make an appearance too. However, those lookign for luxury cars are usually best-served by a long-wheelbase saloon car.

Click the links on the top left-hand side of this page to find out more about the models and why they made our selection. Every one of them comes guaranteed to spirit you up the road in a manner to which you could easily become accustomed. 

Top 10 best luxury cars 2015

What do you think of our best luxury car selection? Tell us your top model in the comments section below...

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For the first time ever this here is an Autoexpress list of cars that I find difficult to argue with.
One can always quibble but the overall objectivity feels good. Autoexpress should do this more often.

:-O is the Maserati Quattroporte really not as good as the Volkswagen Phaeton?! I find that hard to believe! I completely agree with the top 5, though; brilliant cars.

THE Volkswagen Phaeton????? A FLOP IN ALL TERMS!

The LS & Phaeton make the list, but the quite wonderful Quattroporte doesn't???? How in AE's world does that make sense???

I would take the Audi and VW off that list - I just can't take them seriously and neither can hold a candle to the S Class. So in their places I'd put the Quattroporte for sure. Leaves one more place which I can't think to fill at the minute.

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