New 2021 Mercedes EQS: new specs confirm 478-mile range

The new all-electric Mercedes EQS luxury car will be available as two different models from launch, and will feature two different battery sizes

Mercedes is readying itself for the reveal of the EQS - an all-electric limousine compassion for the S-Class, and a rival for the likes of the Tesla Model S and Audi e-tron GT.

Ahead of reveal, the brand has released some key specifications for the new vehicle, which will be the first Mercedes model to ride on a new electric platform called EVA. Crucially, it will be the brand’s first EV to use a purpose made electric car architecture rather than a modified combustion engine platform, and there will be two versions at reveal.

The entry-level model from launch will be badged EQS 450+ and will use a single rear-mounted electric motor. Mercedes has also confirmed a mid-range, four-wheel-drive model called EQS 580 4MATIC plus an as-yet unconfirmed high performance model.

The single motor of the EQS 450+ has an output of 329bhp and 568Nm of torque. The EQS 580 4MATIC adds an extra motor on the front axle, which boosts performance to 516bhp and 855Nm of torque. Both models have an electronically limited top speed of 130mph.

The EQS will be available with a choice of two battery packs, one with a usable 90kWh capacity and a 107.8kWh pack, the larger of which provides a maximum range of up to 770km (478 miles). No further performance or range specifications have been revealed.

Mercedes also says the EQS has a particularly sophisticated energy recovery system, which has an output of up to 290kW and can bring the vehicle to a complete stop in its strongest setting. The level of recuperation can also be adjusted across three settings using a pair of wheel-mounted paddles.

As for charging, the 400-volt battery architecture is combined with a DC rapid charging capability of up to 200kW. Hooked up to a rapid charger capable of this output, up to 186 miles of range can be charged back to the car in 15 minutes. An on-board AC charger rated at 22kW is also fitted. 

Mercedes EQS: design and interior

Mercedes says the EQS’s impressive range figure is helped along by its particularly slippery aerodynamic profile. Thanks to its completely flat undertray, relatively small frontal area and coupe-like body shape, the EV’s drag coefficient stands at 0.20Cd, which the company claims is the lowest of any production car.

The air intakes close when they’re not required for cooling. The car’s alloys (which are available in 19, 20, or 21-inch diameters) also have subtle aerodynamic vanes to smooth out the turbulent air around the wheel arches.

The EQS features a cab-forward design as less space is required up front for the powertrain. Mercedes says this has increased the amount of cabin space.

Inside, the EQS is the first Mercedes to feature the new Hyperscreen infotainment system. It’s a 55.5-inch curved display that takes over the entire dashboard, combining a digital instrument cluster, central media screen and climate controls on a single glass panel. There’s also a media screen on the passenger-side dash, which displays digital art when the seat is unoccupied.

The EQS is also fitted with a Burmester surround sound system, which comes pre-loaded with two “sound experiences.” Mercedes says these provide some background noise to fill the void left by the lack of an internal combustion engine.

A cabin air filtration system prevents fine dust, pollen and microparticles from entering the interior. Another filter can stop contaminants such as sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides from entering the interior.

The mood is managed by the ‘Energising Comfort’ cabin ambience system. This adjusts the EQS’s climate control, lighting, background music and interior fragrance to suit whatever mood the driver might be in. 

There are three programmes to choose from: Forest Glade, Sounds of the Sea and Summer Rain. The first setting plays birdsong and the sounds of rustling leaves through the stereo, while a forest fragrance is pumped through the air vents.

The second plays wave and seagull sounds through the stereo and blasts cool air from the air conditioning system, while the final option plays the sound of distant thunder and pattering rain.

There’s also a “Power Nap” mode for use when parked up. It claims to create a sleep friendly atmosphere, by reclining the driver’s seat, drawing the roller blinds and adjusting the climate controls. If the driver sets an alarm, they’ll be woken by the massage seats. A special fragrance is circulated around the cabin, and the seat is automatically raised back to its upright position.

MBUX Hyperscreen: AI and automated functions

The new Hyperscreen is vast, but Mercedes says it’s more than just an eye-catching feature, and plenty of time has been spent trying to make the new dashboard sized infotainment system as simple as possible to use.

The EQS’s artificial intelligence software can learn the driver’s habits to perform common tasks automatically. For example, if the owner regularly calls one of their contacts while driving home on Tuesday evenings, the system will display a prompt at the appropriate time.

But the Hyperscreen can recognise the person driving the car using its interior camera, and store information for up to seven users. Using the same example as before, It means if someone else is driving the EQS on a Tuesday evening during the ritual phone call time period, they won’t be shown the prompt.

The new MBUX infotainment system also has 24GB of RAM, which is six times more than the average home computer. The screen features a light sensor, too, which automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen according to the time of day.

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