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Toyota iQ
22 Apr, 2015 12:40pm Sam Naylor

The top 10 most reliable cars to own, as rated by over 61,000 drivers in the UK

There are no two ways about it, reliability is the number one most important thing for motorists when it comes to choosing a car. But despite all the hearsay surrounding manufacturers' reliability records you never really know what you're in for when you buy a new car. That's where our Driver Power survey comes in.

Over 61,000 British motorists told us about their cars, making Driver Power the largest survey of its type in the UK, and from that data we can bring you a definitive list of the country's most reliable cars.

This year the top-rated car for reliability was the Toyota iQ - a clever city car with a surprising amount of space inside. It's been around for six years now and its owners are clearly more than satisfied with its dependability over that time.

Driver Power 2015 results in full

Toyota's sister brand Lexus takes the next two places in the list, with the NX and IS models placing second and third for reliability in the 2015 Driver Power results. In fact, the chart is dominated by Japanese and Korean brands, with the SEAT Leon being the only car in the reliability top ten from a European manufacturer.

At the bottom of the top 200 cars this year are the Range Rover and Land Rover Discovery 3 - and that'll be no surprise if you remember previous survey results, as those cars have ranked poorly in the past as well. Scroll down to the bottom of this page for the bottom 10 in our most reliable list...

Top 10 most reliable cars 2015

1. Toyota iQ - 98.81%

Driver Power key car: Toyota iQ

The most reliable car, according to our Driver Power 2015 satisfaction survey, is the Toyota iQ, which finished just ahead of its two premium cousins from Lexus.

The iQ is good to drive, especially in the city, and is cheap to run - although we have always criticised it for a high asking price. It seems you get what you pay for when it comes to reliability though.

2. Lexus NX - 98.71%

The Lexus NX is a very new car, especially next to the winner of this category - so it's no real surprise that owners haven't had many problems with it yet. It actually placed first overall for build quality in our survey, meaning owners feel like it's put together especially well.

3. Lexus IS Mk3 - 98.58%

Lexus IS 300h - static

The Lexus IS was the overall best car to own according to the 2015 Driver Power poll, so it's no surprise to see it make an appearance in this list. The compact executive car trumps all of its rivals in the reliability category - surely a great selling point for the brand.

4. Hyundai i10 Mk2 - 98.46%

Hyundai i10 long-termer - front cornering

We love the Hyundai i10 here at Auto Express, so it's pleasing to see it do so well in this ownership survey. It's a great result for Hyundai too, with the i10 finishing five places ahead of its sister model, the Kia Picanto.

5. Honda Jazz Mk2 - 97.86%

Honda Jazz 1.4 ES Plus static

The Honda Jazz was last year's winner in the reliability category, so it's no surprise to see it back in the charts for 2015. The Jazz scored well for build quality and practicality too.

6. Lexus GS Mk3 - 97.59%

Lexus GS

The Lexus GS scored highly in all categories this year, but reliability is a particularly strong point for the Japanese executive car. According to owners its main bad point is practicality - but it scored strongly for build quality, seat comfort and in-car tech in the 2015 survey.

7. Toyota RAV4 Mk4 - 97.50%

Toyota RAV4 Icon 2.2 D-4D front tracking

It's another success for Toyota at seventh place in the chart with the new RAV4. The latest model is bigger than ever before, giving class-leading levels of interior space.

8. Nissan LEAF - 97.45%

Nissan Leaf front cornering

The Nissan LEAF proves that complicated electric power trains aren't necessarily unreliable. Despite the unconventional propulsion method, the all-electric LEAF scored highly for reliability - and as you might expect owners were pleased with its low running costs as well.

9. Kia Picanto Mk2 - 97.14%

Kia Picanto 1 1.0 front cornering

The Kia Picanto is covered by a seven-year manufacturer warranty, and it's clear why the brand is happy to offer that to customers. According to owners, the car is one of the most reliable models in the UK.

10. SEAT Leon Mk3 - 96.90%

SEAT Leon - front tracking

As the only non-Japanese or Korean car in the top ten, the SEAT Leon has done very well. It's a former Auto Express Car of the Year, so we wouldn't hesitate to recommend one to someone looking for a small family car - especially with this strong reliability result.

Bottom 10 cars for reliability

191. Citroen C5 Mk2 - 86.88%
192. Range Rover Sport Mk1 - 86.00%
193. Peugeot 407 - 85.91%
194. Alfa Romeo MiTo - 85.35%
195. Volvo V50 - 85.21%
196. BMW 3 Series Coupe/Convertible Mk5 - 84.78%
197. Ford Galaxy Mk3 - 83.56%
198. BMW 5 Series Mk5 - 83.48%
199. Range Rover Mk3 - 79.57%
200. Land Rover Discovery Mk3 - 78.36%

Now see the Driver Power 2015 results in full to get an overall view of the best cars to own.

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