BMW M235i burns rubber in Drift Mob vid

BMW M235i drift video
30 Jul, 2014 12:15pm Tom Goodlad

BMW has released a video of its new M235i performance coupe in a flashmob-style drifting demonstration.

Echoing the spectacular displays of the Red Arrows aerobatic team, BMW’s M235i Drift Mob video has been released online. BMW is aiming to capture ‘driving pleasure’ on film to showcase the car’s sporting credentials. And what better way than to have five bright red cars drifting round a roundabout?

Five red models of the M235i performance coupe put on a seemingly spontaneous drift show for members of the public, aiming to demonstrate the sporty BMW’s capabilities as a drift car. The result is a tyre-smoking performance drawing attention from onlookers.

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Five of the world’s best and most experienced stunt drivers were behind the wheel of the cars, transforming an urban area of South Africa into something that wouldn’t look out of place in a Fast and the Furious film. Coincidentally Hollywood stunt coordinator Mic Rodgers – responsible for choreographing stunts for the franchise, captured the video.

BMW M235i Drift Mob: the making of

Alongside the main clip is a behind the scenes video showing the planning and practice that went into forming the demonstration, with clips of the stunt drivers themselves talking about how it all happened. 

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