Best convertibles

Porsche Boxster
12 Jul, 2013 10:45am

From the retro MINI Convertible to the brilliant Porsche Boxster, here are our pick of the 10 best convertibles

On a sunny day, with the open road ahead of you, nothing beats driving a convertible and feeling the wind rushing through your hair. But before taking the plunge, you need to decide whether the car you buy is going to be purely for weekend summer thrills, or whether it will be pressed into service all year round.

This will help you choose between a fabric or metal roof. Soft-tops are often more entertaining to drive, as they’re lighter, plus their styling isn’t compromised by a cumbersome folding mechanism. But as refined as modern fabric hoods are, a folding hard-top gives the feel of a conventional car when in place, and there are fewer concerns about security – although these designs are increasingly going out of fashion.

Another consideration is the number of seats you'll need. Most convertibles seat two people, which is no use if they’re likely to be used as family runarounds in an emergency. While four-seater cabriolets don’t offer genuine space for four adults with the roof in place over anything but short journeys, their extra practicality can come in handy.

Also think about how much boot space you will need. Some cars in this class fold the roof on top of the bodywork, so it doesn’t affect the load capacity; others leave you with barely any room when the top is down. That top needs to be easy to fold, too. Although nearly all modern convertibles have automatic roofs, some require catches to be unclipped first, which can be fiddly, while others are fully automatic and even allow you to drop the roof when the car is moving.

To add to your comfort with the top down, look out for wind deflectors – these allow you to have a conversation with passengers even at speed – while some higher-spec models come with heated seats and even neck warmers to make open-air fun practical all year round.

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I'm surprised the Z4 didn't make it least above one of the lower performers on the list. I know there's the money to think of but I'd certainly prefer the Z4 over the SLK.

come on it's a BMW - naff said ;)

Why wasn't the F-type plastered at the top of the list.... :)

bet those would be brilliant, especially on those two days of the year its actually warm enough to make sense buying one!

Lists like this will always be highly debatable, but one thing is for sure, the Boxster truly deserves to be at the top -in fact there should be a massive gap between it and second place. For the rest, I'd move the A5, SLK & 6 series down the list, and move the smaller, more fun cars up the list. I'm also surprised the 3 series convertible isn't included here.

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