Honda Jazz Si revealed

2 Jul, 2012 12:53pm Richard Ingram

Limited-edition Honda Jazz Si gets alloy wheels, sat-nav and Bluetooth as standard

Honda has announced a sporty limited-edition version of its Jazz supermini.

The Jazz Si is based on the 1.4 ES model, and gets a set of redesigned bumpers and side skirts, as well as unique 16-inch alloy wheels.

On the inside, there's a leather-trimmed steering wheel and black and silver seats, while the uprated Si-T version adds a sat-nav and Bluetooth connectivity.

Honda has also tweaked the suspension settings and added new dampers as well as a larger anti-roll bar.

The four-cylinder 1.4-litre petrol engine remains unchanged, though, which means it produces 98bhp and is good for a 0-62mph time of 12.8 seconds.

Available in four colours – Milano Red, Crystal Black, White Orchid and Azure Blue – the Jazz Si starts at £14,450, while the Si-T kicks off from £15,545.

Due in showrooms from late August, both versions will be available with a range of offers, including a three-year zero per cent finance deal.

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Grandparents all over the UK will be thrilled by this news. At least Honda haven’t improved the performance, that way Mr & Mrs Groggins can continue to drive 10mph below the speed limit everywhere they go.

My Mr & Mrs Groggins drive at 40mph regardless of the road, be it town centre or motorway (preferably on the middle lane).

At least your Groggins know what 'lane' means. Ours (and their extended family) tend to treat the Highway Code as a list of suggestions rather than rules...

Does seem a slightly pointless car though; gilding an inappropriate lily?

Pity this fundamentally good vehicle seems to be associated with the Groggins' of this world. However, for real Gogginsmobiles we have to look to Toyota, some Nissans and a goodly chunk of the VW empire.

For "Gogginsmobiles" read "Grogginsmobiles". Sorry!

The Jazz has always been a great car, and this sporty addition to the range appears to be very appealing. Oh, and incidently, I am under 35!

If Honda stick with the weedy 1.3, however it is tarted, it will never appeal to those who appreciate a nippy drive, whatever their age. More than a lost opportunity: it's would be depressing to own a tarted-up car with only 98bhp like the other worthy but dull Jazz editions. Why not use the 1.5 which would make it a lively car at least.

They promise a good 1.4 or 1.6 good diesel... but still nothing

If it is any consolation, the worst Groggins I ever encountered was neither 65 nor 35 but barely 20! I followed him for four miles at 10mph below the 40 limit on a clear road eventually to draw alongside him at a set of traffic lights, only for these to change. He then floored the accelerator to go through the lights at red!

It is quite noticeable that people who constantly sarcastically snipe at the Jazz have never owned one. If they had they would have realised that it is probably the most reliable, practical,economical and dependable supermini in the world, and constantly wins it's class in all owner surveys.

Jazzed up for the old -'End of Line' before the 'All New Model' appears just as you've taken delivery of the rubbish but wizzed up old one?

Jazz 55 plate owned from new. And a MINI Cooper which replaced a Type S. Would swap both for a Jazz shuttle (if it's ever sold here,) or a Jazz with a 1.5 engine, at a pinch. However, if the Jazz is being replaced soon might be best hanging on to what we have.

AlanShaw is correct in what he says about people not owning or even having driven one. I've not driven one either but I know they would be a much better buy than almost any European car.
No doubt the people knocking this car made the mistake of not buying Japanese and have become really bitter and twisted.
Check the reliability/breakdown stats for Japanese cars. Even if they are bought mostly by us more mature drivers I think that shows we are experienced enough to know a good car when we see it. No good being a boy-racer broken down by the roadside in your European car is it? As us oldies go by in our Japanese cars. Toyota in my case.
Get back to your Renault, Peugeot, Ford, Fiat etc. Much of this could be because us oldies can afford a nice car and you can't! So there! Ner ner ne ner ner!

I have little doubt that the Jazz is a very good car. I know someone (young) who has one and loves it, and I know a 20-something man (with a touch of boy-racer in him) that has driven a Jazz and is very impressed.

I even briefly considered buying one myself, until I discovered just how slow and thirsty they are.

But putting go-faster stripes on a Jazz??!!! What on earth is the point of that?

I've checked and it's not April Fools Day - that would have been the only rational explanation. Though 'Richardcr ' above might be on the right lines.

Having owned an earlier auto Jazz for some years, I have to say the reliability, build quality and huge boot space were all massive pluses. This car was perfect for driving in traffic, over road bumps, parking etc. and having the Sat-Nav in the Si-T will make it an incredible package for driving around town.The tinted windows and expensive alloys will just look silly though.

I have a friend who has a Jazz (old style) and a Citroen. Both have given excellent service. He is now in a position to buy a brand new vehicle to replace both and it will be a Citroen.

As I said before, the Jazz is a good vehicle even if the present one is decidedly uglier than the old design whilst its marketing in this country does it no favours. Toyota, by its own admission are making vehicles which need to be a great deal more interesting.

I bet Honda did not have to tweak the suspension on the Jazz to much. It was already rock hard

I always laugh about how people rave about Japanese reliability as if all other cars were breaking down all the time.I have never had a Jap car in over thirty years of driving and I have never had an unreliable car.
In fact I had around ten MG/ Rover vehicles and not one of them ever let me down!
I now have a Chevrolet Captiva with I think a Vauxhall diesel engine and I love it. General Motors sold around nine million cars last year, you don't do that if your product is no good. Look at Toyotas record on re-calls and you might have to think again about jap reliability.

Noboby should take any of this too seriously. We're only talking about a means of transport. Each to their own and all that.
Far more important things to worry about. Have a nice day all.

The must have been the ones that had Honda drivetrains!!!!!!

Enough said!!

... Swindon. The best small car on the market. Built like a big car, the ride and handling is superb but I also get frustrated by the fact that they can be a bit conservative with the styling and performance of this car. Even the Hybrid is still above 100g C02, which is inexcusable in the current market.

They do unfortunately have a reputation for being an old codgers car, not helped by the fact that I bought one for my mother in 2005 ... and the bloody thing refuses to let her down so she has no reason to swap it.

I've always secretly wished they'd do a Jazz Type R!

As it happnes my Civic Type R refused to let me down too in 4yrs/60k miles. I regret letting that one go.