Kia Sorento updated

18 Jun, 2012 9:00am

First details and pictures of the facelifted Kia Sorento have been released

Kia has facelifted its Sorento SUV, to pull it in line with the Sportage.

A more aggressive front end features distinctive foglamps, a revised bumper and LED daytime running lights. There are new tail-light clusters, plus optional 19-inch alloys.

Inside the five or seven-seater are new LCD instruments, as well as higher-quality soft-touch surfaces and a seven-inch colour display. A panoramic sunroof can be added, too.

The new Sorento is also set to get a tweaked chassis and cleaner engines when it hits dealers in the autumn.

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Hooray, another mid-sized, bland SUV.
I'll keep £5k and get myself a top-spec Sportage please.

Just done the rounds to replace my Freelander 2, looked at them all, no competition, ordered another Freelander, job done.

Constant waste of energy with "daytime running lights", LED or not , is NOT a good thing!

....however, let's say there are 20 x 1 watt LEDs on all the time as a guess.
-20 Watts continuous as an estimate.
-The engine produces 145000 watts peak, let's say it averages half of that under normal use. 72500 watts.
-The lights consume a nominal 0.000275 fraction of the engines power.
-If you roughly assumed that the fuel consumption and co2 emissions are linearly related to power production over a small change like this you would be talking about a change of 0.0275% for the worse.
-Co2 would go up by 0.05g co2/km
-MPG would go up by 0.011 MPG

Or, to put it another way, to create a change of 1mpg would require about 1820 LEDs @ 1 watt on continuously?

There are obviously larger offenders.

...Such as the fact that it looks about as aerodynamic as a bus.

...Such as the fact that it looks about as aerodynamic as a bus.

...Such as the fact that it looks about as aerodynamic as a bus.

To simonrh1. Is your second name Einstein? Wish I was that clever.

Yyyyes, he also has a sssstutter! I'm surprised he hasn't given us the aero statistics to back up his impression!