Kia Sportage KX-4

3 Jul, 2012 2:08pm Richard Ingram

New range-topping version of the Kia Sportage gets more power and lots of kit

Kia has announced the addition of a new flagship model to the Sportage range.

The Sportage KX-4 uses a new version of the 2.0-litre CRDi turbodiesel engine, which has been tuned to provide 181bhp - up from 134bhp. This means it's capable of going from 0-60mph in 9.4 seconds and has a top speed of 120mph.

It's only available with four-wheel drive, though, which means CO2 emissions increase slightly to 158g/km, while fuel economy is down from 47.1mpg to 46.3mpg.

In terms of kit, the KX-4 comes fitted with everything offered on the KX-3 model - which includes a full-leather interior, 18-inch alloys, sat-nav, Xenon headlights, cruise control, climate control and a panoramic sunroof - and adds park assist, front and rear parking sensors, keyless entry and stainless steel scuff plates.

The Kia Sportage KX-4 starts from £27,195, while the automatic version is available from £28,500. It's on sale now and benefits from Kia’s seven-year, 100,000 mile warranty.

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We love our Sportage here in Düsseldorf and its the envy of many when we drive down the Kö on lunch meetings etc.

Economy on diesel is fabulous at about 5.6 L per 100km or about 50 mpg which aint bad these days! Its built in Europe using many famous OEM parts as well!

Only thing that spoils it is is name! Sportage was the name of the old low price KIA SUV! Peter Scheyer should have insisted on a more moderne daring name for this completely new car!

Why not something like Sportessa or Sportiva? Suggestions?

I am sure this is a very worthy vehicle but it makes Caliban look like Adonis! If the normally good Herr Schrier is really responsible for it he must have been feeling a bit below par the day he signed this off.

This all pervading clonal SUV style is certainly not "a joy for ever" as the poet put it and, in the form of the new Renault Clio, is showing signs of infecting the supermini sector. Pininfarina, now sadly dead, showed that style is not incompatible with mass production. With a few exceptions though, mass produced vehicles nowadays alternate between the gross and the dull, rather as they did in the nineteen fifties.

Sorry vandenplas4litre to be so rude about your pride and joy; please forgive me!

Have you driven one? They are very decent cars..
...the home of quality news and reviews...

Please note comment "I am sure they are very decent cars". I can only go on appearance and IMHO we are going through a very dire period at present. There is another clone, in the form of the FIAT 500X on the horizon! Spare us from more.

Apologies, for "decent" in the quotation, I mean't "worthy".