Kia Sportage Wonder Woman unveiled

Kia Sportage Wonder Woman Static
27 Mar, 2013 9:00pm Luke Madden

A special-edition Kia Sportage Wonder Woman model has been revealed

The Kia Sportage has been given a superhero makeover, thanks to a Wonder Woman variant unveiled to coincide with the New York Motor Show.

It's the latest in an eight-vehicle partnership with DC Entertainment, which has seen the likes of an Aquaman Rio and a Superman Optima hybrid.

The Wonder Woman Sportage gets a new bodykit, complete with a red and blue paintjob, finished with stars borrowed from Wonder Woman's outfit. The superhero's eagle logo is even integrated in to the Sportage's grille.

The interior features red upholstery and blue LED lighting, while the seats have a Wonder Woman logo.

The superhero-inspred Kias are all designed to raise awareness for DC Entertainment's “We Can Be Heroes” campaign, which aims to provide aid for people affected by hunger in the Horn of Africa.

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Good grief!!!

Not as subtle as an invisible plane is it?

Is it April 1st today?


that is all

WHY ???

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